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Italian pope from 1484 to 1492 who was known as a nepotist and was attacked by Savonarola for his worldliness (1432-1492)

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The good queen, being a pious woman and careful about titles (almost, I might say, as the FHA), secured the blessing of Pope Innocent VIII before she sold her jewels to sponsor the voyage.
This work was compiled by two German inquisitors, Jacob Sprenger and Heinrich Institoris, subsequent to the papal bull of Innocent VIII, Summis desiderantes effectibus, authorising the persecution of witches in certain dioceses in 1484.
Two angels welcome us to the exhibit as they hold up the wreath with the coat of arms of Pope Innocent VIII, made of glazed terra cotta around 1484-87 by Benedetto Buglioni.
of Taddeo McCarthy (1455-1492), who died on his journey from Rome back to Ireland after being wrongly excommunicated then rehabilitated by Pope Innocent VIII
These two, their terra cotta glazed, valiantly hold up the coat of arms of Pope Innocent VIII so we can step through the entryway beneath the protection of their wings.
In 1487 Tomas de Torquemada (1420-1498) was made Grand Inquisitor of Spain by Innocent VIII (1432-1492), who had become Pope in 1484.
Born in 1452, the son of Antonio Colonna, Prince of Salerno, and grandnewphew of Pope Martin V; fought with Neapolitan forces against Venice and Pope Sixtus IV during the War of Ferrara (1482-1484); supported Pope Innocent VIII and the Neapolitan barons when they rebelled against Ferdinand I of Naples (1485-1486); assisted Charles VIII of France in his conquest and occupation of Naples (February-May 1495); then joined with Ferdinand II of Naples in driving the French out of Naples (late 1495); served with Gonsalvo de Cordoba's Spanish army in victories over the French at Cerignola (April 28, 1503) and the Garigliano River (December 28); fought for the Spanish against the Venetians at La Motta (October 7, 1513); captured by a French cavalry raid at Villefranche (in Savoy) (summer?
Pope Innocent VIII issued the celebrated bull Summis desiderantes in 1484, directing inquisitors and others to put to death all practitioners of witchcraft and other diabolical arts, and it has been computed that as many as nine million persons have suffered death for witchcraft since that date.
John the Baptist, Innocent VIII (1484-92, Giovanni Battista Cybo), had served as the precursor of the Medici ecclesiastical dynasty, initiating it on the highest level by raising to the cardinalate the brother (Giovanni de' Medici) of his daughter-in-law, Maddalena de' Medici Cybo (1473-1519).