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Italian pope from 1198 to 1216 who instituted the Fourth Crusade and under whom papal intervention in European politics reached its height (1161-1216)

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Even in Rome, where Gerald seems to have been encouraged and favoured by Pope Innocent III, he could not, in the end, counter the archbishop's stratagems.
A reasonable starting place to attempt to answer these questions is the examination of the thought of Innocent III, and what we find is that preaching for Innocent was not simply instruction or exhortation; rather, it was liturgical and sacramental.
14) The text of Magna Carta's chapter one continues: [W]e wish that this [the freedom, rights and liberties of the English Church] be observed as is evident from the fact that of our own free will, before the dispute that arose between us and our barons, we granted and confirmed by our charter freedom of elections, reputed to be of great importance and most necessary to the English Church, and obtained confirmation of this from the lord Pope Innocent III, which we shall observe and which we wish to be observed by our heirs in perpetuity in good faith.
Innocent III is probably the number-one villain of all time; nevertheless, there are respectable sources that allege Pope Francis was involved with high crimes of the Argentinian military junta.
Chapman s conclusion argues for Bernards subtlety as opposed to Gelasiuss distinction, and gives an overview of how ecclesiastical independence and the debate surrounding power progressed from Innocent III to Boniface VIII.
In 1209, on the Day of the Butchery (recorded on a plaque opposite the cathedral), 20,000 people were massacred under the orders of Pope Innocent III.
The existence of the Vatican Almoner dates back centuries: It is mentioned in a papal bull from the 13th-century Pope Innocent III, and Pope Gregory X, who ruled from 1271-1276, organized it into an official Holy See office for papal charity.
Pope Innocent III has said that Holy Scripture forbids us to lie even to save a man's life.
In 1215 Pope Innocent III created a missionary bishopric to the Prussians and the Polish Prince Conrad called upon the Teutonic Order for help, granting them lands on the frontier of his territory in return.
When Pope Innocent III saw how muddy and unclean they were, he said they were "fit for rolling with the pigs.
As a good Catholic he starts with St Peter although he docs present the difficulties associated with this claim and then moves on, not surprisingly, to Leo the Great, Gregory the Great, Gregory VII (the great eleventh century reforming pontiff), Innocent III (instigator of the Fourth Crusade), Paul ill (who coped with the Reformation and called the Council of Trent), Pius IX (the liberal turned conservative who entrenched the papacy against liberal nationalism), John XXIII (another reforming Pope who called the Second Vatican Council) and John Paul II (the Polish pontiff who was in Prof.
Part two deals with the early emergence of the Feast of Fools as an organized liturgical observance in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries and also with early critiques of the practice, including the well-known letter of Innocent III.
68) The decision to bury Innocent III in San Giovanni also underscored the special place that the Lateran held in the pontificate of the medieval pope, for Innocent III had convened the Fourth Lateran Council there in 1215 and had been a patron of the Sancta Sanctorum; Innocent III commissioned the bronze doors that protected the cypress chest containing the Sancta Sanctorum's relics (fig.
Francis including giving his coat to a beggar in his youth, the vision in the dilapidated San Damiano where he received a message from the crucified Christ to rebuild the ruined church, the fight with his father at court when he renounces wealth and family ties, going to Pope Innocent III for approval of his order, the vision Innocent III had of Francis holding up the Church, preaching to the birds, meeting with St.