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English critic and novelist

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People will, for example, identify and attack what Jacobs calls the Repugnant Cultural Other - the group that is opposed to the Inner Ring, which must be assaulted to establish membership in it.
I am very much for improving the town but have to point out to the writer that when he says that 'the inner ring road is littered with examples of historic buildings going to ruin' the buildings are not the historic ones, rather semi modern match boxes which its use was short-lived.
In this study, using the collected experimental data [14], the desired features are obtained by processing signal in time and frequency domains, for ball bearings in conditions of faultless, outer ring fault, inner ring fault and are given to teaching to neural network input.
at least one radial channel positioned between said embossed perimeter channel and said embossed inner ring channel, said radial channel extending radially and linearly from near the center of the base outwardly toward the perimeter channel, said radial channel positioned to divert breast milk away from the center of the base.
The scheme, which will be known as Great Charles Square, covers two acres and fronts the A38 inner ring road, adjacent to Snowhill Station, in the city centre Enterprise Zone.
The image sweeps 404,880 miles (651,591 kilometers) across Saturn and its inner ring system, including all of Saturn's rings out to the E ring, which is Saturn's second outermost ring.
It meant a long list of 'Queensway' rather than 'Ringway' locations came to make up the inner ring road, including St Chad's, Lancaster Street, Paradise Circus, Great Charles, Suffolk Street, Holloway Circus, Smallbrook, St Martin's, Moor Street, James Watt and Masshouse Circus.
The new split SRB inner ring halves with clamping rings, outer ring half and bottom roller cage halves, were fitted without any problems.
The vehicle features a new centre console layout, upgraded interior trim and new paint colours, new black surrounds for the speedometer and air vents with an inner ring in high-gloss black, or chrome for cars with the Chrome Line Interior option pack.
The units also function to protect the bearing shaft, locking mechanism and inner ring with a barrier from contaminants.
The inner ring and outer ring can be installed in either direction, helping to avoid common mounting errors.
Several inner ring suburbs have also experienced large declines, while a few outlying suburbs show increased enrollments.
19 August 2010 - Indian credit rating agency ICRA maintained yesterday the rating of LA+ (SO) on the bond programme of the Madurai Municipal Corporation (MMC) - Inner Ring Road Project.