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(physiology) metabolic equilibrium actively maintained by several complex biological mechanisms that operate via the autonomic nervous system to offset disrupting changes

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Xand visits one of the most advanced laboratories in the world to test his body's ability to maintain its inner balance, while Chris learns how scientists in Stockholm are trying to help people with phobias by investigating the neural mechanisms involved in fear and ways to control it.
The extent to which I succeed is ultimately a reflection of my own inner balance during the creative process."
Here is a lovely quotation to illustrate the inner balance techniques being taught/suggested in "How Do I Feel Today?": "So how do I make this not a BIG deal?
A weekend packed with therapies, treatments and ideas for finding your inner balance. Massage, reiki, acupuncture and reflexology are just some of the activities on offer.
With roots in Japan, the center specializes in the age-old tradition of restoring the body's inner balance through muscle and bone alignment, as opposed to merely kneading and applying pressure on the body.
Like Thoreau, we need balance, including an inner balance so as not to complicate our lives with increasing verbal and physical violence.
Feel your feelings, but choose to feel all the happy as well as the sad ones, so you can find your inner balance and move forward with your life.
This inner balance wheel is one reason that Warren Buffett, our most brilliant modern business tycoon, likes to say that no matter how severe an economic downturn may seem, investors have never made a mistake betting on the ability of the American system to recover.
In recent years, Tofino has increasingly become a draw for urbanites seeking to unplug and realign their inner balance.
But when the two are joined, inner balance of mind serves as a platform for developing clear insight into the causes of our predicaments and into practical strategies that can promote effective solutions.
Serenity and centering one's inner balance, in the end, are what Radmacher and Kalloch obviously intended with collaborating on She.
The retreat also includes cooking classes with wellness resort chef Gabi Kurz, lifestyle, nutrition and digestive wellness seminars, designed to help guests develop a greater awareness of overall wellbeing and discover inner balance.
The normal functioning of the human body in good conditions involves good health and is determined by the inner balance, which in turn submits to the movement, breathing, nutrition, circulation, excretion and reproduction functions.
"The foods we consume play an important role when it comes to keeping our body's delicate natural inner balance," said Dr Aziz Khan Tank a senior family physician.
We, in partnership with our families, can establish an inner balance that will prepare us to overcome the challenges that await us.