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a shoe with a line of rollers fixed to the sole

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2000: The Royal Parks unveiled their new weapon in the fight against crime - policemen equipped with inline skates
Set in a world where "Storm Riders", where motor-powered inline skates called "Air Trecks" allow the most hardcore competitors to ride the skies and risk life and limb in a competition for fame and power.
For instance, from the Bravo Sports Division comes Hot Wheels and Barbie Skateboards and Inline Skates. Hot Wheels Skateboards ($19.99) are 28" long and available in two designs: a vibrant green with bold, car graphics and a cool blue with skull and flame images.
Skater hockey is a fast, exciting game, similar to ice hockey, but using inline skates and with five players per side as opposed to ice hockey's six.
He works with Bauer-Nike, helping design inline skates.
I can't ride a bike or put on inline skates, but you can!
When surveyed, less than half of 10- to 14-year olds said they don't always wear helmets while riding a bike, while fewer than a third wore them while riding scooters, skateboards, or inline skates. Their reasons included "I only ride near home" (47%) and "helmets are uncomfortable" (43%).
The Daredevil's Warehouse skate park in Gwersyllt features ramps for skateboards, BMX bikes and inline skates.
I would recommend that you buy inline skates that have the room to accommodate your orthotics.
Unlike the push scooters in the past, these new scooters have low-friction, freely rolling wheels similar to those on inline skates. This allows for faster speeds; scooters can travel at 15 to 17 miles per hour and much faster on steep slopes.
Inline skates come with laces and/or buckles that snap on.
A small tool kit often comes with inline skates. Applying a little grease to the wheels will help you skate faster.
The Gear Up skate rack accommodates two pairs of inline skates or ice skates.
The main difference between the sport and roller hockey is that players take to the indoor rinks on inline skates, rather than the more traditional quad skates.
Get inline skates and try a toy store for a swing ball set.