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a member of the Quechuan people living in the Cuzco valley in Peru


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the small group of Quechua living in the Cuzco Valley in Peru who established hegemony over their neighbors in order to create an empire that lasted from about 1100 until the Spanish conquest in the early 1530s


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17) A proposito, tambien fue un indio canari quien ejecuto a este ultimo inka.
En los disenos, el contraste entre los trazos oscuros y la superficie en claro del que surgen los juegos reversibles entre fondo y figura, tambien pone de manifiesto la conjuncion y la alternancia entre Yube e Inka.
8) All of the Andean world of the Inka was contained within Mother Earth, with the mountain as a metaphor for life.
The festive dress code they created--on full display in the city's annual observance of Corpus Christi, the Catholic feast of the Eucharist--was an eloquent composite that thickened with meanings over time as Inka bodies became sites of loud visual assertions.
14) Moreover, while these literatures connect to a rich pre-Columbian tradition of verbal art in the Americas, (15) Native (or mestizo) writers writing in European languages from the sixteenth to the twentieth century as diverse as the Inka Cussi Tito, David Cusick, Miguel Angel Asturias, Leslie Marmon Silko, or N.
Indeed, local people attribute the origin of all musical instruments to the mythic Inka King who long ago brought them and taught people how to play.
BR Additional Director General (rolling stock) Mohammad Shamsuzzaman inked the two deals with President Director of INKA, PT Agus H Purnomo and Kirow's Heinrich Deklerk on behalf of their respective sides.
Sugeriremos finalmente que, dados los motivos representados en RDL 1, sus frecuencias relativas, su localizacion, topografia, y evidencias complementarias de actividades llevadas a cabo en el complejo inka de Cortaderas, debe explorarse la posibilidad de que aquellos hayan sido grabados en tiempos inkaicos.
Negotiated settlements; Andean communities and landscapes under Inka and Spanish colonialism.
Este trabajo representa un avance del estado de mis investigaciones en la zona de Yauyos y Huarochiri, que intenta reconstruir la organizacion y situacion de la provincia inka y espanola de Yauyos, en base a los registros arqueologicos disponibles y las fuentes etnohistoricas pertinentes.
Summary: The Indian comic will perform at Inka club, Sofitel Dubai Downtown, on September 28
Explores the foundations of the Inka Road in earlier Andean cultures, technologies that made building the road possible, the cosmology and political organization of the Inka world, and the legacy of the Inka Empire during the colonial period and in the present day.
The company's personnel and remuneration committee has proposed to the Annual General Meeting that the board comprise of seven members and that the current six members Heikki Allonen, Tapio Kuula, Raimo Lind, Veronica Lindholm, Inka Mero and Petteri Wallden be re-elected for the one-year term.
Ademas de con su hermano Jacobo, es evidente la buena sintonia entre Eugenia y su cunada, la periodista Inka Marti, aunque la duquesa de Alba tuvo algunas diferencias con ella.