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a member of the Quechuan people living in the Cuzco valley in Peru


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the small group of Quechua living in the Cuzco Valley in Peru who established hegemony over their neighbors in order to create an empire that lasted from about 1100 until the Spanish conquest in the early 1530s


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Colin McEwan follows with a complementary chapter (Chapter 3) on spatial classification of Andean landscapes, which discusses Inka sacred mountains and shrine systems, as well as the kinds of material remains that are found in such locations.
Inka is a state company established in August 1981.
The Cuzco School utilized the talents of artisans brought to the city, the capital of the Inka Empire called Tawantinsuyu, by the Inka nobility as early as the fifteenth century.
Contact: Inka Presswood Pallets Ltd, tel: 01277 811085 or fax: 01277 811971.
In 1564, during a politically turbulent stretch in Hispanic efforts to colonize the Inka empire, a hoary conquistador named Geronimo Costilla petitioned his superiors in Lima for help in containing the excesses of the native elite (indios principales) of Cuzco.
Yavi-Chicha is a regional pottery style that was widespread in the south-central Andes of southern Bolivia, north-western Argentina and northern Chile during the Inka expansion of the fifteenth century AD.
Negotiated settlements; Andean communities and landscapes under Inka and Spanish colonialism.
Ralph Beckett's Inka Surprise wassentoff4-1favouriteandis enteredatSalisburyon Tuesday, whileMichaelBell's FilsAnges was last of the 11 runners and has an entry at Folkstone on Monday.
Travel Business Review-January 25, 2012--Tambo del Inka Resort and Spa Announces Offers for Weddings(C)2012] ENPublishing - http://www.
Inka distributed leaflets in central Athens and in front of German-owned consumer electronics store Media Markt, urging Greeks to heed the boycott.
Germany received two nominations in Inka Grings and Birgit Prinz and England's Kelly Smith is also in contention for the award.
Inka Grings, who finished as the tournament's top goalscorer with six, and veteran Birgit Prinz, to take her record international tally to 125, both struck twice for the holders.
His only mount of the day was due to be on Inka Dancer in the opening Sydenhams Handicap but he was replaced by Ted Durcan.
Before founding Inka in 2004, Greg Adelman designed equipment for de-activating explosive mines for the military.
Inka was dreamed up by Mr Girvan, a film-maker from Heckmondwike, just last week.