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Cunningham Energy is again excited to be part of this new horizontal method of producing the Big Injun oil sand in the Appalachian Basin, said Ryan Cunningham, of Cunningham Energy.
Guinness Northern Counties' housing manager accompanied police in handing out tions at th and spoke the victim social beha The te yobs - two 18, one 19 another a just 13-yea old - we given injun ctions banning any form of anti-social be haviour a if breached sult in tough ties.
Reel Injun documents the American travels of filmmaker Neil Diamond as he recounts the Hollywood movies made about Native people over the last 100 years and how they have shaped the way Indians are seen by the world.
There are a few references to Wild Bill Hickock's gunslinging exploits and there is an offstage Injun attack, but, unsurprisingly, high jinks and romantic complications rather than showdowns and shootouts characterise the town of Deadwood in this musical.
The south Yorkshiremen were forced into a change themselves when they broughth on James O'Connor for injun red Gareth Robeo rts.
gotcha gotcha Mei Die, butterfly, mariposa pearl chocho, farfalla, I'm really gonna miss ya m+1 I hoped to meet you in Auschington To have a day or two together together Go to the Smithsonian maybe Look at Injun stuff together, do some music, Remember Guyou and how you felt so bad When they wouldn't let you forget you were one of "you guys" (2nd pl.
Winston later picked up a two-day suspension (February 27-28) for careless riding on Preskani in the seven-furlong handicap and Neil Callan was cautioned for a lesser transgression of that rule on Honest Injun in the same race.
However, the Savage Injun Scalpers of the Columbia School of Insults is still under investigation.
You remember Ward Churchill: he's the make-believe Injun and tenured prof from the University of Colorado who thinks that the victims of Islamofascist terrorism are like Nazi bureaucrats.
The pace slows down a bit with the next cut, You Own This Town, then picks up again on Search Injun, another spoken word number, this time with a definite techno feel to it.
2) The other short stories in In the Tennessee Mountains (Boston: Houghton, Mifflin, 1884) are "The Dancin' Party at Harrison's Cove," "The Star in the Valley," "Electioneerin' on Big Injun Mounting," "The Romance of Sunrise Rock," "Over on the T'other Mounting," "A-Playin' of Old Sledge at the Settlemint," and "Driftin' Down Lost Creek.
You descend into the kind of cave where Tom Sawyer encountered Injun Joe, but all you're likely to find are other health seekers wearing blissed-out expressions as they breathe the sulfur-scented air.
Voicing a hidden subtext of the piece, the theatregoer shouted out, "Go it, Injun - give dat pale face a smash in dat mouf of his'n.
Honest engine" may sound a lot like "honest Injun," but here it was pretext, the supposed need to get the job done, that was the mother of invention.
Additional reserves behind pipe in the Injun Sandstone, Big Lime and Salt Sand are estimated to be approximately 320 MMCF.