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Cunningham Energy is again excited to be part of this new horizontal method of producing the Big Injun oil sand in the Appalachian Basin, said Ryan Cunningham, of Cunningham Energy.
I made a / good / little Injun his father said now don't you make a
There are a few references to Wild Bill Hickock's gunslinging exploits and there is an offstage Injun attack, but, unsurprisingly, high jinks and romantic complications rather than showdowns and shootouts characterise the town of Deadwood in this musical.
The south Yorkshiremen were forced into a change themselves when they broughth on James O'Connor for injun red Gareth Robeo rts.
Max is the highest The outest the Largest, the greatest, The fastest, the hippest, The all the way past which There cannot be When we say MAX, that's what We mean, hip always Clean, that's our word For Artist, Djali, Nzuri Ngoma Senor Congero, Leader, Mwalimu, Scientist of Sound, Sonic Designer, Trappist Definer, Composer, Revolutionary Democrat, Bird's Black Injun Engine, Brownie's Other Half, Abbey's Djeliya -graph Who bakes the Western industrial singing sculpture Into temperatures of syncopated Beyondness Out Sharp Mean Papa Joe's Successor, Philly Joe's Confessor AT's mentor, Roy Haynes' Inventor, Steve McCall's Trainer, Ask Buhainia, Jimmy Cobb, Elvin or Klook Or even Sunny Murray, when he aint in a hurry Milford is down and Roy Brooks Is one of his cooks.
Honest Injun is a bright and breezy little song that features Justin Currie of Del Amitri on vocals and American Tan follows this type of melody.
They also heard "back to the reservation," "dumb injun," "redskin," "war hoops," and other similar derogatory comments.
Winston later picked up a two-day suspension (February 27-28) for careless riding on Preskani in the seven-furlong handicap and Neil Callan was cautioned for a lesser transgression of that rule on Honest Injun in the same race.
The pace slows down a bit with the next cut, You Own This Town, then picks up again on Search Injun, another spoken word number, this time with a definite techno feel to it.
James Sally Bellamy Stacia Fernandez Sereny Harper Donna Lee Marshall Lucinda Rogers Amy Jo Phillips Naomi Temple Sally Wilfert Aunt Polly Linda Purl Sid Sawyer Marshall Pailet Doc Robinson/Pap Stephen Lee Anderson Reverend Sprague Tommy Hollis Lanyard Bellamy Richard Poe Gideon Temple Ric Stoneback Lemuel Dobbins John Christopher Jones Huckleberry Finn Jim Poulos Muff Potter Tom Aldredge Injun Joe Kevin Durand Judge Thatcher John Dossett Becky Thatcher Kristen Bell Widow Douglas Jane Connell
He's half Cherokee and said, "If you can't trust an Injun when it comes to leather, who you gonna trust?
Robinson, Injun Joe, and Muff Potter (respectively a young physician, an arch-villain, and a slow-witted drunkard) - prepare to snatch the body of Horse Williams from its grave.
Voicing a hidden subtext of the piece, the theatregoer shouted out, "Go it, Injun - give dat pale face a smash in dat mouf of his'n.
Honest engine" may sound a lot like "honest Injun," but here it was pretext, the supposed need to get the job done, that was the mother of invention.