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a joke that is appreciated only by members of some particular group of people

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Though the pic boasts well-crafted dialogue and hysterically bitchy supporting roles, a surfeit of local celebrity cameos and Singaporean injokes could banish it to obscurity beyond its sleeper-hit domestic release and a few neighboring markets.
For real movie buffs, there had been a host of injokes and clever Carpenter references to his own heroes and friends.
Masterful physical comedy and some sly injokes for the adults.
Edward Copeland suggests that in Sense and Sensibility Austen's "intertextual debts are cloaked and unacknowledged," that "we submit to the private codes she shares with Cassandra, in which the injokes and literary allusions buried deep in family reading practices only occasionally break surface" (liv).
All of these characters thus relate either to Internet injokes or to childish or effeminate identities that must be rejected in order to comply with hegemonic masculinity.
Parody can only succeed when there is a common body of knowledge and understanding; the Alfred Honors Program's network of injokes bespeaks depth of learning within a strong community that knows how to mix fun and work.
Tamahori is the director of Die Another Day and has managed to take the best elements of the past - injokes, pre-posterous action, outrageous gadgets - and combine them with all the spectacular cinematic tricks of the new millennium to make a seriously entertaining film.
A kind of Aesopian animalfable for the tragically hip, its text is a ripe mulch of show-biz and media injokes, and outtakes from 2,000 years of Western and Eastern theatre - from Dido's death in the Aeniad to Luise Rainer's telephone scene from The Great Ziegfeld.
Beautifully animated, sharply funny and some inspired injokes.
Laugh out loud moments and injokes for sand dancers are numerous, and allow a slight distraction from the harsh realities of war, without ever becoming farcical.
A febrile froth of running gags, injokes, puns and outrageous characters, a Philip Ardagh story makes a Monty Python sketch seem as humorous as an undertaker's tie.
The injokes and absurdist gags fly by so fast that many viewers will be eager to re-experience pic on DVD and other manipulation-friendly formats.
Back here I get a strong English accent and talk very quickly with injokes about TV programmes and things - he's just clueless.
This last duo represents the comedy's most strained element, with injokes about the filmmaking process that seem fired by comparison with those of DiCillo's 1995 breakout film, "Living in Oblivion.