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Synonyms for inimical

Synonyms for inimical

feeling or showing unfriendliness

Synonyms for inimical

not friendly


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They have suffered from deliberate and systematic measures of destruction from the previous regime that had a natural inimicality to knowledge and learning.
This statement reflects the inimicality of consociation to the reconfiguration of power relations, and also illuminates its bias against non-ethnic parties.
The ease with which the natural inimicality of the interests of genetically engineered people is assumed is alarming in its own right.
Its effect on this work is to muddle it, which just may be deliberate: is Gordon trying to show us the inimicality of contemporary experience to traditional fiction?
This factor allows the general inimicality of the English towards the Irish cause to be put down to the fact that "hearing only one Side of the Cause, and having neither Opportunity nor Curiosity to examine the other, they believe a Lye, merely for their Ease" (10:64).