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the junction between two neurons (axon-to-dendrite) or between a neuron and a muscle

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The failure function of them will damage the number and balance of functional excitatory and inhibitory synapses and affect the function of ENS significantly as a consequence.
The quick response of the [GABA.sub.A] receptor is due to its high affinity for the inhibitory synapses and it is believed that they are saturated even by the release of a single vesicle of neurotransmitter [26].
(2012) Clustered dynamics of inhibitory synapses and dendritic spines in the adult neocortex.
(58,59) At cerebellar inhibitory synapses, VGCC facilitation almost fully accounts for synaptic facilitation (Shinya Kawaguchi, personal communication).
In contrast, at inhibitory synapses, neurexins form a trans-synaptic interaction with NLGN2 promoting inhibitory synapse development [23].
(2011) Unique inhibitory synapse with particularly rich endocannabinoid signaling machinery on pyramidal neurons in basal amygdaloid nucleus.
Studies in NL2-deficient mice have reported that NL2 deletion disrupts the inhibitory synapse function in hippocampal sections without affecting their numbers and also triggers a pronounced anxiety phenotype in those mice [230].
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Understanding how NPAS4 expression regulates inhibitory synapse density and function in the adult visual system is important to interpret these findings.
In reality, altered distribution of excitatory and inhibitory synapses within a neuron produces stably activated synaptic connections that have a dominant effect on action potential generation through active dendritic processing.
have revealed that the interactions between excitatory synapses and inhibitory synapses have strong nonlinearity, and shunting inhibitory inputs can specifically occlude an excitatory input if they locate on the same path to the soma directly [29].
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To keep the activity in the network stable, the researchers integrated inhibitory synapses into the learning process, which control the excitation in the network.
Scanziani further explained that the study shows that the inhibitory neurons were the master regulators that contact hundreds or thousands of cells and made sure that the inhibitory synapses at each of these contacts was matched to the different amounts of excitation that these cells were receiving.