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Synonyms for dangerous

Synonyms for dangerous

causing or marked by danger or pain, for example

Synonyms for dangerous

involving or causing danger or risk



causing fear or anxiety by threatening great harm

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This approach is justified because guns are inherently dangerous and it is only reasonable to expect people to take responsibility for their seriously risky actions.
July 11, 1991), the court held that the business risk exclusion did not apply to injury caused by lead pigment in paint because the product, while inherently dangerous, was not defective.
Liability based on the delegation of inherently dangerous work.
We must realize that their staff works in all types of weather in a variety of harsh environments and at fixed locations in an inherently dangerous occupation," says Scott Meyer, Director of Project WorkSAFE.
He explained: "It is a live volcano and inherently dangerous.
Controlled nuclear technologies are not inherently dangerous.
He said: "It's pretty clear the circumstances in the grain shed were inherently dangerous.
The judicial officer (Crerar) held that the act of foul play was inherently dangerous, being a deliberate swinging of the arm, delivered with significant force, causing serious injury to the victim, Bradley Davies, who was unsighted," a Six Nations Rugby statement read.
Mountains are inherently dangerous places to perform.
PC Griffiths added: "The railway is an inherently dangerous environment, and it should never be treated as a playground or somewhere to hang about.
Mountain biking is an inherently dangerous sport -you ride at your own risk.
Measures to improve safety must continue however steeplechasing will always remain an inherently dangerous sport.
Mike Ford, HSE construction inspector for Warwickshire, said: "Construction sites are inherently dangerous places, with risks at height and on the ground.
But driving is an inherently dangerous activity that demands constant, undivided attention.
They see India as unalterably rapacious and inherently dangerous.