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Synonyms for inharmonic

characterized by unpleasant discordance of sound

Synonyms for inharmonic

lacking in harmony

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The microphony is composed of sustained pitches which, through the twelve repetitions of the process, move in five steps from harmonicity toward inharmonicity as shown on Example 6 (where the inharmonic tones are indicated by black notes).
The harmonic spectra move gradually toward inharmonicity.
As shown in Example 8, the ensemble is divided into four groups labeled A, B, C, and D, with an overall harmonic progression from harmonicity toward inharmonicity.
The change from inharmonicity to harmonicity is also prepared through control of the number of pitches generated in each section.
Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that, due to Grisey's control of both the intervals between the generative pitches and the rate of introduction of new pitches, the harmonic motion from inharmonicity toward harmonicity is made very gradual.
For the analysis and manipulation of the various tunings of the genera he offers a variety of very modern methods, including distance and inharmonicity functions and a number of rather complex statistical measurements.