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Synonyms for Ingrian

a member of western Finnish people formerly living in the Baltic province where Saint Petersburg was built

a Finnic language spoken by the Ingrian

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Data security solutions provider Protegrity Corporation announced on Wednesday it filed lawsuits against Ingrian Networks in April 2008 and
El nombre comercial de Ingrian desaparecera y quedaran los de las soluciones comerciales que estaran bajo SafeNet.
This will enable companies to integrate their Oracle databases with Ingrian DataSecure Platforms via a standard interface.
Sitting in front of Web servers, the Ingrian secure networking platform deployed with the Compression Service Engine offers enterprises, service providers, and eCommerce sites an elegant and cost-effective solution for delivering rich Web content to end users, without requiring increased bandwidth.
a leading specialist in identity verification and security services, acquired by PGP (SYMC) in 2010; president, chairman, and CEO of encryption vendor Ingrian Networks, acquired by SafeNet; president and CEO of Xedia Corporation, acquired by Lucent; and chairman, president, and CEO of Raptor Systems (RAPT), which merged with Axent Technologies and subsequently was acquired by Symantec.
For example, in Lower Luga Ingrian reduced vowels typically occur foot-finally (examples are from InSLL): [t'u*tto] (1) 'girl:NOM', [a*vahtu] 'be_opened:PST:3SG', [su*kkuri:s] 'sugar:IN', [li*sahumirne] 'be_added:NMLZ:NOM' etc.
Data privacy solutions provider Ingrian Networks Inc has had its Ingrian DataSecure Platforms chosen by financial organisation Union Bank of California.
Ingrian Networks, an e-transaction privacy provider, has launched its Access Control Service Engine for protecting electronic transactions.
Officiating at the ceremony was the bishop of the Ingrian Lutheran church Aarre Kuukauppi who was assisted by Finnish churchmen, including the Finnish Lutheran archbishop Jukka Paarma.
Prior to Bluecoat, Truman built his enterprise focus, developing infrastructure and security based solutions at SynOptics (where he was a founding engineer), Bay Networks and Ingrian Networks.
The Livonian language has been chosen as the main language of analysis, while its factual data have been compared not only to the linguistically well analysed Estonian and Finnish languages, but also to Karelian, Veps, Ingrian, Votic and other Finnic languages and their varieties.
In his description of the Ingrian language, Laanest (HaaHecT 1978 : 224-226) lists the Lower Luga comitative [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and terminative (s)sa among other morphological cases.
Information security solutions provider Ingrian Inc has been selected by mobile communications company Orange Netherlands to protect the privacy of its subscribers.
Application security solutions supplier Ingrian Networks has launched its Network-Attached Encryption solution for information protection.
Before that, he was president and chief executive officer of Ingrian Networks, which was acquired by SafeNet.