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English prelate noted for his pessimistic sermons and articles (1860-1954)

United States playwright (1913-1973)


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Inge, 44, says the business he manages has about 125 employees - including perhaps a half-dozen blacks over the past decade.
Inge said her daughter left a confession on her computer, but a search has so far failed to find it.
Bishop John Inge, collects prayer suggestions from people visiting the Jobcentre in Redditch town centre
A START: Building in progress at Harp Inge, Dalton In May, 1948.
According to Inge, developers Simple Life have been in touch with Galliford Try, having said they are responsible for the state of her garden.
Inge discovers that she is not who she thought she was after a strange woman keeps turning up on the doorstep.
Inge Iqbal by sharing her extensive German language teaching experience with the students and faculty.
Diners may hang out at INGE after dinner to enjoy the live DJ and fireworks from the Marriott's exclusive balcony for NT$12,000 (price includes dinner).
"Many of us came to know the nourishment of Inge's words she generously gave to those close to her.
? Saturday, 12.15-12.45pm, Hurst Street; 2.20-2.50pm, Inge Street ??Sunday, 1.15-1.45pm Hippodrome Square; 4-4.30pm, Arcadian ??
Standing in contrast to the futuristic sagas and sci-fi series that abound nowadays, Katrina Nannestad's richly detailed story of an orphan named Inge, set in 1911 in Denmark, has an antique air that's irresistible.
Yn rhaglen DNA Cymru - rhan o'r prosiect arloesol CymruDNAWales - ar S4C nos Sul, 6 Rhagfyr, mae John a'i deulu - ei wraig, yr Americanes, Inge Hanson a'u mab Iwan, 12 oed - yn derbyn canlyniadau eu profion DNA hynafiadol.
Synopsis: Inge arrives in Minnesota in 1920 to marry a young Norwegian farmer named Olaf but her German heritage and lack of official immigration papers makes her an object of suspicion in the small town, and she and Olaf are forbidden to marry.