Inga edulis

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ornamental evergreen tree with masses of white flowers

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Apresentaram em comum os seguintes taxons: Anadenanthera colubrina, Anadenanthera peregrina, Inga vera subsp.
Os taxons comuns entre essas tres areas foram: Anadenanthera peregrina, Inga vera subsp.
Esse grupo foi isolado, em nivel de 0,41 e apresentou em comum os seguintes taxons: Inga vera subsp.
For instance, Inga vera seeds can disperse the fruits with germinating seeds inside them, sometimes in an advanced process of germination (Caccere et al.
Metabolic and structural changes during early maturation of Inga vera seeds are consistent with the lack of a desiccation phase.
The peak of fruit production in the transition from the wet to the dry season resulted from fruiting of Banara arguta, Sapium obovatum, Crataeva tapia, Copernicia alba, and Inga vera.
Flowering in both Inga vera and Vitex cymosa occurred in the late dry season, and were among the most important food resources in this period (Table 1).
O'Donell (Convolvulaceae) Centrosema pubescens Cli Fla Lil Mel Benth (Fabaceae) Inga vera (DC) T.