Inga laurina

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tropical tree of Central America and West Indies and Puerto Rico having spikes of white flowers


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It was not possible to verify the direction of vascular differentiation between bud and root cutting in Inga laurina and Bauhinia forficata.
Lopheucoila anastrephae (Rohwer) (Figitidae: Eucoilinae) parasitized larvae of Neosilba species (Lonchaeidae) infesting pods of Inga laurina (Swartz), and Spalangia endius (Walker) (Pteromalidae) were obtained from containers with L3 of Tephritidae from samples of Ximenia americana L.
5 (Martius) Radlkofer Fabales Fabaceae (1) Andira cuyabensis s/c-n 66 1,915 Bentham Flacourtiaceae Banara arguta Briquet s-n 880 1,100 Casearia sylvestris c-n 2,009 1,970 Swartz Mimosaceae (1) Inga laurina (Swartz) c/p/s-n 1,042 15,192 Willdenow Gentianales Apocynaceae Hancornia speciosa Gomez c-n 395 8,769.
Inga spuria has two fruiting seasons per year; the first from Jan to Mar and the second from Aug to Sep Inga laurina has only one fruiting season per year; from Feb to Apr (Miranda 1998).