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a United Nations agency to promote trade by increasing the exchange stability of the major currencies

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Breast measurements made included: sternal notch (SN)-to-nipple (N) distance, midclavicular (MC)-point-to-nipple distance, and inframammary fold (IMF)-to-nipple distance.
The new location of the nipple was determined as 24 cm according to inframammary fold distance and arm length.
GP occurs in the axilla, groin, inframammary folds, perineum, abdomen, or lumbosacral areas (9).
Zone 2 of the breast remains vascularized by its preserved attachment to the inframammary fold. Breast tissue from this zone 2 is draped superiorly, covering and suturing it to the pectoralis muscle.
The ADM was sutured into place along the inframammary fold, the lower border of the pectoralis muscle, and the lateral chest wall with 2-0 Vicryl sutures.
It is important to redefine the edge of the pocket and the inframammary fold position, comparing them with the size of the expander previously chosen.
An additional implant positioning term is "dual plane," a surgical term that describes how much muscle is released from the breast parenchyma, from the most inferior release at the inframammary fold to the most superior release, which is at the superior extent of the areola.
There may be a predilection towards the inframammary fold. Mammographically usually seen as a well circumscribed as rounded soft tissue density lesion close to skin surface.
Some plastic surgeons concurred that there has been a shift in focus away from the top of the breast, which they call the upper pole, to the place where the breast tissue meets the chest wall, referred to by doctors as the inframammary fold.
This technique increases the viable skin for breast reconstruction, preserves the inframammary fold, and facilitates immediate fluid placement into a tissue expander.