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Synonyms for infrared

the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum

electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths longer than visible light but shorter than radio waves

having or employing wavelengths longer than light but shorter than radio waves

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Carbon infra-red (CIR) is ideal for applications in the food industry, such as surface browning, as it delivers medium wave, infra-red radiation, which is perfectly suited to evaporating water from products at a very high power density.
* 1550 nanometers--the infra-red radiation invisible neither for a human's eye, nor for typical devices of night vision.
energy-saving 'smart paints' can reduce heat loss by reflecting infra-red radiation.
the shape of the hot material that surrounds the black hole was inferred from the observation of x-rays that emanate from very hot material that is close to the black hole, and from infra-red radiation that derives from warm material much further from the core of the black hole.
However, the sun also emits electromagnetic radiation that the human eye is incapable of seeing, called 'invisible light.' The spectrum of 'colors' of the invisible light of the sun includes infra-red radiation (which gives the skin the sensation of warmth), ultraviolet radiation (which causes the skin to tan), microwave radiation (used for cooking in microwave ovens), radio waves, x-rays, and so forth.
In realizing a cabin environment that encourages occupants to relax in reassuring comfort, all models are fitted as standard with UV/IR solar control glass that cuts the amount of ultra-violet and infra-red radiation penetrating the cabin, a deodorizing Clean Air Filter and an odor-eating head lining that eliminates or reduces living odors, cigarette odors and volatile organic compound (VOC) levels.
Special pigments embedded into the leather help to reflect infra-red radiation.
Jennifer Aniston likes Oxyjet anti-cellulite spray (from pounds 40 -call 01775 722 243), while Salma Hayek likes Termoslim (pounds 40 -call 020 7499 1904) which uses infra-red radiation. Or for all-round weight loss, try Matis's Mosaic treatment (pounds 40 -call 01322 290 101) for those stubborn areas.
Thermal energy flow is influenced by stored energy, and fluxes in convection, solar input, conduction, infra-red radiation, and evaporation.
NIRS measures the extent to which infra-red radiation of specific wavelengths is absorbed when passed through a substance.