informed consent

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consent by a patient to undergo a medical or surgical treatment or to participate in an experiment after the patient understands the risks involved

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NZNO professional nursing advisers will give an overview of the nursing accountabilities for informed consent, and NZNO lawyers will examine the legal frameworks for informed consent.
It held that obtaining informed consent is a doctor's duty that is nondelegable.
Alternative A in the proposed amendments calls for the client to give informed consent "preferably confirmed in writing.
There are numerous laws and guidelines that address both the mandatory nature and extent of informed consent in clinical and research practice, such as the SA Bill of Rights [3] and the National Health Act No 61 of 2003, [4] to name but two in South Africa (SA).
It was concluded that the dental practitioners of Lahore have a good awareness about questions concerning patients' informed consent but a considerable number of participants was not using written consent as a routine procedure.
The puzzling features of this case are meant to be a cautionary tale: it is easy in the rush with the pressure of clinical practice to view informed consent as a bothersome technical detail.
Optometrists can no longer be the primary source of consultation and informed consent for refractive surgery patients, owing to new General Medical Council (GMC) rules from 1 June that state a surgeon must only perform refractive surgery on a patient who they have personally consulted with prior to the day of surgery and allowed a sufficient 'cooling off' period.
An important development in the doctrine of informed consent deals with the typical consent form, which is lengthy, largely incomprehensible, and densely legalistic.
If the farmers had protection from lawsuits by way of informed consent forms, patrons could purchase raw whole milk.
Informed consent letters can be used to better manage risk in areas such as Sub-S or C corporation selections or conversions, estate tax planning, and aggressive or gray tax strategies.
It is important to understand that Informed consent is not a mere document that requires signatures from research participants.
Obtaining an informed consent enables the physician to diagnose the patient's disease while observing his/her rights.
Furthermore, the court held that as the defendant, Mr Venter, had given informed consent, this excluded wrongfulness, thus excluding the possibility of a civil claim.
Almost all nurses are engaged in elements of informed consent with their patients at some point in their careers.
Gaining informed consent in RCTs involves good communication as participants must understand the purpose, risks and benefits of the research and that taking part is voluntary (National Ethics Advisory Committee, 2012).