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(computer science) a statistical theory dealing with the limits and efficiency of information processing

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Model selection and multimodel inference: a practical information-theoretic approach, 2nd edition.
Then, we exhibit that, the MIO scheme could affords both information-theoretic secrecy to the passive eavesdropping attack in segment V-A and computational secrecy to the fake packet injection attack in phase V-B, respectively.
To solve the above-mentioned problems, a new information-theoretic method is here proposed to simplify the procedure of information maximization.
To investigate the causal relationships among temperature, maternal size, and reproductive traits (egg quality and fecundity), we used an information-theoretic approach to identify the model that best fit the available data, following Angilletta et al.
Instead, they suggest the stronger notion of strict Nash equilibrium in the information-theoretic setting, in which every player's strategy is a strict best response.
PHY Track: Cognitive radio network and dynamic spectrum access; Multihop, cooperative and distributed communications; Modulation, channel coding & diversity; Equalization & synchronization; Space-time, MIMO & adaptive antennas; OFDM/OFDMA, CDMA & spread spectrum; Channel modeling and characterization; Interference management & MUD; Iterative techniques; Information-theoretic aspects of wireless communications; Signal processing for wireless communications; Ultra-wide bandwidth communications; and Multi-cell cooperation and processing.
advocate and promote a combination of statistical, information-theoretic, and data analysis techniques to meet the challenge of designing empirical models by using molecular descriptors.
We used an information-theoretic analysis to concurrently evaluate performance of multiple a priori models (single and multivariate hypotheses) that could potentially affect nest-day failure (Anderson et al.
The distillate that remains, the part that can't be given an information-theoretic reason, will be our first glimpse into what quantum reality is all about.
By using an information-theoretic approach, we found a 34% reduction in nesting success of Carolina wrens on mercury-contaminated sites when compared with reference sites.
Zachary Ernst considers the extent to which genomics forces a reevaluation of traditional philosophical arguments; particularly interesting was his information-theoretic account of scientific explanation prompted by the use of computers in genomics.
This problem can be solved with the help of: classical information-theoretic schemes (requires channel with noise; efficiency is very low, 1-5 %), classical public-key cryptography schemes (Diffie-Hellman scheme, digital envelope scheme; it has computational security), classical computationally secure symmetric-key cryptographic schemes (requires a pre-installed key on both sides and can be used only as scheme for increase in key size but not as key distribution scheme), quantum key distribution (provides information-theoretic security; it can also be used as a scheme for increase in key length), Trusted Couriers Key Distribution (it has a high price and is dependent on the human factor) (SECOQC .
We have proposed an information-theoretic location management strategy for emerging multi-system wireless networks.
The latter contains 16 chapters by 43 international academics and researchers on advanced topics of image processing in remote sensing including image modeling, statistical image classifiers, change detection, independent component analysis, vertex component analysis, image fusion for better classification or segmentation, 2-D time series modeling, neural network classifications, and accuracy assessment and information-theoretic measure of multiband images.
Very briefly, the model examines whether it is possible to compress the information-theoretic description of a set of items by arranging them into groups.
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