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intangible property that is the result of creativity (such as patents or trademarks or copyrights)

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different kinds of information goods has not been fully appreciated, nor
According to the broad definition of OECD, if taken verbatim, non-digitized products should include all kinds of digital information goods, for example, DVDs.
The second set of principles apply to digital information goods insofar as they approximate pure thought or the ideational stage of knowledge, insofar as data and information through experimentation and hypothesis testing (the traditional methods of sciences) can be turned into justified true belief.
In this respect, the media used to store digital goods are thus not significantly more durable that the material out of which non-digital cultural and information goods (vinyl disks, audio tapes, books, etc.
market is one for information goods, a pure public good that is
People take much of their experience with traditional information goods for granted.
There are two types of goods or services: traditional and information goods.
Information goods, note Shapiro and Varian (1999), often are costly to create but cheap to reproduce.
4) Increasingly, firms interested in commerce in information goods are designing structures to enable that process.
What is new is the potential of information goods to defy the very principles of scarcity and control over commodities that have convinced economists that the market is the one best system for guiding the production and distribution of goods.
Suing file-sharing internet networks and the consumers who use them to trade copyrighted material can backfire, argues Tunay Tunca, assistant professor of operations, information, and technology; the result is significant loss of profits for legal producers of information goods.
Contract awarded for Maehyang girls high school from July to October feed information goods (marine) Purchase
C&S: Increasing digitization of cultural contents together with growing digital distribution and information diffusion have endowed digital goods with three characteristics: they are information goods, public goods and infinitely-durable goods, each of them carrying along a "market failure".
She builds a model based on the economics of information goods, the public interest, and the human right to both intellectual property and to information.
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