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a television commercial presented in the form of a short documentary

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On the late-night infomercials, Miss Cleo said she was a mystical shaman from Jamaica.
Legendary Infomercial Producer Hired to Further Ensure Competitive Advantage
Fantom has added short-form spots, and Hoover is supplementing its new product advertising with long- and short-form infomercials to drive retail sales, company executives said.
The infomercials, which the Reform Party presidential nominee jokingly told a Stanford University audience on Friday would be ``two hours of saturation bombing before you go to the polls,'' will be broadcast in prime time tonight.
According to the National Infomercial Marketing Association, product sales through infomercials has doubled every year since 1984, with infomercials bringing in over $500 million worth of product sales in 1991 [Schlossberg 1992].
Of this, close to $1 billion in 1993 came from infomercials, 10 minute to half-hour commercials that use star names to pitch product in a format that attempts to combine selling with entertainment.
Rules to Follow by the Infomercial Advertiser Classification
WGN-TV has deflected questions about its ethics after a Metropolitan Community Church parish slapped the Chicago-based station with a lawsuit on October 27 for refusing to run a pro-gay infomercial.
Relaxor now features two infomercials on two different massager products in the company's Embracer Series -- the cervical neck and shoulder massager and the lower back and belt massager with heat.
March 7 /PRNewswire/ -- A Federal judge today issued a Temporary Restraining Order enjoining National Media Corporation (NYSE: NM) and its agents from telecasting its Fitness Strider infomercial effective immediately.
A lot of people have spent $500,000 only to donate the tape to a local college to be (erased) and have something else put on it," said Levey, who estimates only about one in a dozen infomercials is successful.
Many people have a perception that infomercials are the domain of late night and early morning shows selling Ginsu knives.
NEW YORK -- Housewares infomercials are in the news, with a new program being developed by Cesari Response Television (CRTV) for Salton/Maxim's Juiceman juice extractor, and the Jordan Whitney 1996 Annual Greenbook Review naming DeLonghi's Caffe Siena program Best Housewares Infomercial of 1996.
Each year, Jordan Whitney, publisher of the weekly Direct Response Television Monitoring Report (the "Greensheet"), an in-depth study of the direct response television industry, selects infomercials of excellence in 30-plus categories.
Led by Sherry Thomas, President and CEO, Breathless Video Productions produces Corporate Video, Training Films, Commercials, Infomercials, WebSite Video, VNRs, Exercise Video, Music Videos, and other various types of video for the production industry such as Corporate Events and high-end Weddings and Mitzvahs.