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the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures


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With a background in IT and now working as an infomatics manager for South Liverpool Primary Care Trust he was used to dealing with the world wide web.
And the university's School of Infomatics, a world leader in computer science, was destroyed.
Thermo LabSystems also announced the resignation of Managing Director Gordon Logan, who also served as president of Thermo Electron's Infomatics division.
The Spyder's luxury specification includes a powered hood, electric seat adjustment, climate control air conditioning and a state-of-the-art infomatics system with 5.
Informatica: Journal of Computing and Infomatics, 18, 357-366.
Along with the crisis, we have had a third industrial revolution, the basis of which is infomatics and biogenetics with all the dangers that it represents, as well as nuclear and space technology.
Early work in these areas indicates that knowledge gained in the genetics and infomatics areas has applications in such things as the optimization of process parameters and the orderly storage, handling, and processing of large amounts of information.
I do however disagree with his assertion that "In a post-national infomatics, narrative gets in the way of data, and cyberspace becomes both the new spatial metaphor and actual location of global power" (p.
Infomatics General's Ordernet was endorsed by the National-American Wholesale Grocers Association to support UCS beginning in 1984.
The Infomatics and New Secret Weapon play at underground Sibn Festival.
Protocol MIDI and stage equipment: Tomas Bata University, Faculty of Applied Informatics, Department of Applied Infomatics, 2008, 64 p.
At Sunderland University you encounter the David Goldman Scholarship and the David Goldman Infomatics Centre, while The Sage Gateshead music centre is running a permanent David Goldman Programme, activities reflecting David's enthusiasm for music, the North of England and young people.
The Spyder's luxury specification includes a powered hood, full leather interior, electric seat adjustment, climate control air-con and a state-of-the-art infomatics system with 5.
As a multi-site healthcare organization, the eScription platform allows our medical transcriptionists - both in-house and outsourced to Focus Infomatics - to quickly create high-quality clinical documents that are easily accessible for review and distribution," said Steve Griffin, assistant director, HIMS transcription, FirstHealth of the Carolinas.
RSAG, Dirty Epics, The Infomatics and Majella Murphy are in the running for the prestigious prize.