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Synonyms for inflection

Synonyms for inflection

a particular vocal quality that indicates some emotion or feeling

Synonyms for inflection

a change in the form of a word (usually by adding a suffix) to indicate a change in its grammatical function

deviation from a straight or normal course

a manner of speaking in which the loudness or pitch or tone of the voice is modified

References in classic literature ?
We care not how trifling a character may be--let it be the mere inflection of the angle of the jaw, the manner in which an insect's wing is folded, whether the skin be covered by hair or feathers--if it prevail throughout many and different species, especially those having very different habits of life, it assumes high value; for we can account for its presence in so many forms with such different habits, only by its inheritance from a common parent.
Presently she looked up and answered, with a rising inflection implying a shade of uncertainty,
Monk, astonished at this language, which established between him and the French gentleman equality at least, raised his piercing eye to the stranger's face, and with a sensible irony conveyed by the inflection of his voice alone, for not a muscle of his face moved, -- "I thank you, monsieur," said he; "but, in the first place, to whom have I the honor of speaking?"
And Madame de Cintre?" he added, with an interrogative inflection.
He was aware that he was "talking big," like Denis Eady; but his reaction of joy had unsteadied him, and the inflection with which she had said of the engaged couple "They're so happy!" made the words sound as if she had been thinking of herself and him.
There are plenty of witnesses --more than enough," he added with a disagreeable inflection; and taking Jane Porter by the arm, he started to lead her toward the waiting minister.
I hope you like it?" There was a rising inflection in her voice.
She could not go on, although Rebecca, with the smallest inflection of sarcasm in her voice, besought her to continue that charming story.
The old life (narrated in the ten first chapters of the Life) can be understood, in Bakhtinian terms, as a "hidden polemic against the genre of judicial confession conducted with the inflections of hagiography and Christian spiritual autobiography" (67).
Dona's paintings prioritize the flesh: they do not replay a worn-out mind-body dualism, but generate thinking by way of corporeality, forcing you to pay attention to the most subtle infractions and inflections of your nervous and circulatory systems.
Their inflections support each character's unique personality and interaction at home and at school.
The sides have been approximately equalized with a chain saw, leaving inflections on their surfaces.
Gardner's voice has all the necessary smarmy intonations and inflections that characterize stereotypical Hollywood executives and agents.
Fox has the young voice of an upper class British schoolgirl, with dramatic inflections that young listeners will love.
McGann captures the vocal inflections of each character with ease in this delightful story about an underdog known as "Dazzer" (Danny) and Chris, the young man who befriends him.