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the uninflected form of the verb

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Perhaps the most famous infinitive phrase in the English language is "To be or not to be" from Shakespeare's play Hamlet.
Note, however, that although an infinitive phrase cannot be the verb, it might be the subject of a sentence.
Causative verbs are followed by an infinitive phrase that serves as a direct object.
Why use 2 gerunds and an infinitive phrase when you could use 3 gerunds?
The "verb" in an infinitive phrase cannot be the verb in the sentence and might be boxed out in the same way as a prepositional phrase.
The entire infinitive phrase in the sentence above is to manage her own bakery, and we can box out all of it.
In this case, our retained object is an infinitive phrase.
verbal--a word that looks like a verb but is used in a different way, for example, an infinitive phrase or a gerund verbal communication--communication through words, for example, speaking or writing; compare nonverbal communication
Infinitive phrases are effective, but because of the strong sense of causality conveyed by the preposition "to," infinitive phrases preclude the option of adding a conceptual element and require the writer to proceed immediately to steps (the "title-to-step" design).