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Synonyms for inferno

Synonyms for inferno

any place of pain and turmoil

a very intense and uncontrolled fire

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A natural corollary was the view that until Christ's resurrection even the patriarchs were excluded from paradise; along with the souls of all the dead, they dwelt in infernus, `hell' in the broad sense, from which they were released by Christ after his death on the cross.
Plainly paradise is not in hell, and Jerome cannot have replied: `I say this, that Abraham's bosom is the true paradise, but I admit the holy man's bosom to be paradise too.'(12) There is a clear contrast between true paradise (paradisi veritas), which was yet to be attained, and the approximation to paradise, which was Abraham's bosom in infernus. To the imaginary question Jerome must have replied that Abraham's bosom was not the true paradise; but, in a manner of speaking, it too could be regarded as paradise.
Items 4 and 5 (quires d-i) have a red incipit; red oneline and two-line capitals; red barrettes and paraphs; black catch-words; Item 6 has red and blue capitals and 'Psalmus' and 'Oracio' in red; and a two-line blue capital with red penwork; Item 7 has red frames for the ladders, the words celum and infernus in red; Item 8 has the word ihesus written in gold, a gold two-line capital on what may have been a blue ground (now smudged), some black capitals touched with red, English and Latin subheadings in red and red one- and two-line capitals; Item 9 is undecorated but space has been left for a twoline capital s; Item l0 has a two-line blue capital with red penwork, as does Item 11, which also has Latin prayers and English instructions in red and blue one-line capitals.
One of the newly identified bacteria has earned the name Bacillus infernus, for its hellish habitat.
The latter is ruled out by the fact that elsewhere Seneca uses infernus only of things underground or things otherworldly.
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