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a branch of applied mathematics concerned with the collection and interpretation of quantitative data and the use of probability theory to estimate population parameters

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Inferential statistics is in large part the science of uncertainty.
11) When the methodology is defensible, the statistics are valid and the outcomes are relatively straightforward, inferential statistics can provide powerful decision-making tools.
This emphasis on inferential statistics clearly runs counter to the need documented in this study for concentrating on descriptive statistical methods as the most likely data analysis skills principals must use to be successful on the job.
The outline of statistical methods moves very quickly from descriptive to inferential statistics having briefly outlined the ideas of central tendency and inadequately presented measures of dispersion.
Regardless of the interpretation, it is clear that using inferential statistics with the data obtained in this study would not provide a clear picture of the differences seen between participants.
Updates include scatter plots and histograms, inferential statistics such as z and t tests, RPN input mode, sequence graphing and advanced regression, distribution and probability models.
Techniques and tools discussed in this book include descriptive and inferential statistics, cause and effect analyzes, measures of variability, probability, run charts and control charts, trending and forecasting.
The data analyses involved both qualitative and inferential statistics.
She covers ethics, defining, measuring and manipulating variables, choosing descriptive methods, organizing data, correctly applying correlational and statistical methods, testing hypotheses and inferential statistics, developing a logic of experiment design, using inferential statistics in two-group designs, using complex experimental designs and nonparametric procedures, and applying the APA communication guidelines.
Coverage progresses from theoretical foundations through various measures, inferential statistics, hypothesis testing, multivariate statistics, and ANOVA.
0 version of powerOne Graph is compatible with AlphaSmart's new Dana Palm Powered laptop alternative for education and Vernier's popular probe systems for advanced scientific data analysis, plotting and advanced inferential statistics.
Descriptive and Mean SD SE CI inferential statistics Variables +95% -95% Height (cm) 179.
SPSS Tables can now run three types of inferential statistics tests: Chi-square; column proportions and column means.
The text starts with an overview of statistics and the scientific method, then offers sections on descriptive and inferential statistics.
This textbook introduces descriptive statistics, probability, inferential statistics, analysis of nominal and ordinal data, regression analysis, and their many uses in public and nonprofit management.