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the sciences concerned with gathering, manipulating, storing, retrieving, and classifying recorded information

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Targeting municipal water and wastewater operations as well as industrial water and waste treatment, the Wonderware IndustryPack leverages ArchestrA technology for greater productivity and ease of use.
Offering two or four IndustryPack sites, the MVME172 is ideal for a wide range of process control and industrial automation applications where demand for IndustryPack is continually increasing.
The company designs, manufactures and sells PCI boards, CompactPCI boards, VMEbus boards, ISA boards, embedded single-board computers, IndustryPacks and industrial computers for large corporations and OEMs.
GreenSpring offers over 100 IndustryPacks for industrial applications such as motion control, temperature measurement, graphics, and telecommunications.
IndustryPack is a registered trademark of GreenSpring Computers Inc.
The Pentura MFIO-100 provides two additional PMC expansion slots, the Pentura MFIO-150 provides multi-function I/O, and the Pentura MFIO-200 provides four IndustryPack expansion slots.
85) and the IndustryPack Logic Interface Specification, Rev.
NOTE: IndustryPack is a registered trademark of GreenSpring Computers, Inc.
NASDAQ:ADSP) announced CommIO-IP, a VMEbus slave board that combines a TMS320C40 digital signal processor with sites for either two double-wide or four single-wide IndustryPack modules.
According to Bob Mosedale, AWTL's director of business development, this represents one of the most important projects yet undertaken by the company: ``SYSTRAN is already known worldwide for its state-of-the-art real-time SCRAMNet products,'' he said, ``and its decision to enter the IndustryPack I/O module market with enhanced product designs at highly competitive prices is bound to impact on the rapidly-growing market place for such products.
SYSTRAN's I/O Solutions are based on the IndustryPack (IPack) Logic Interface specification.
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