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having highly developed industries

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employed in industry

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suitable to stand up to hard wear

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Thereupon, steam and machinery revolutionised industrial production.
Conservation of the old modes of production in unaltered form, was, on the contrary, the first condition of existence for all earlier industrial classes.
The first literary result of the foundation of our industrial system upon the profits of piracy and slave-trading was Shakspere.
At the institution I attended there was no industrial training given to the students, and I had an opportunity of comparing the influence of an institution with no industrial training with that of one like the Hampton Institute, that emphasizes the industries.
And, furthermore, I hold that whatever is horrible in industrial society is due to the ignorance of the capitalist class.
The industrial wrong, terrible as you say it is, is due to ignorance.
Hard times and the bitter stresses of industrial conflict strained him.
For not until the mob has been thoroughly beaten and cowed will tranquil industrial conditions obtain.
And then Schliemann went on to outline some of the wastes of competition: the losses of industrial warfare; the ceaseless worry and friction; the vices--such as drink, for instance, the use of which had nearly doubled in twenty years, as a consequence of the intensification of the economic struggle; the idle and unproductive members of the community, the frivolous rich and the pauperized poor; the law and the whole machinery of repression; the wastes of social ostentation, the milliners and tailors, the hairdressers, dancing masters, chefs and lackeys.
And now from Cape Horn to Nova Zembla, and from Canton round to Canton again, there were factories and workshops and industrial resources.
Some sort of a slower and lower grade republic we might have, with small industrial units, long hours of labor, lower wages, and clumsier ways.
George's Guild,' a series of industrial and social experiments in which with lavish generosity he attempted to put his theories into practical operation.
I never ceased my efforts to put vigor into this industrial life which was just beginning.
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