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intangible property that is the result of creativity (such as patents or trademarks or copyrights)

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from the point of view of finance economics of the universities, a definitely important element is information collected regarding costs that arise from the commercialization of scientific research results--proportionally the largest part represent costs related to ensuring legal protection for the holders of industrial property rights.
Whilst competition law in Oman is not independently regulated, steps are being taken to enforce the provisions of unfair competition contained in various legislations, as is evidenced by the Law of Industrial Property Rights, which makes a greater effort to define "unfair competition", and establishes the onus of proof/ evidentiary requirements for the same.
The Committee did not fine the violators as all the three industrial property right holders made petitions for non- application
The controversial decision issued by the Ministry of Business and Trade's Industrial Property Rights Office, thus the Administrative Division should be competent not the Civil Division, especially that Article 3/3 of the Law 7 of 2007 superseded Article 15/5 of Trade Mark Law no.
Zahil may own industrial property rights including patents, commercial or industrial brands, and any related rights, and may lend these for use by other companies within the Kuwaiti market and abroad.
The programme had three components: (1) raising awareness in business sector about issues emanating from Pakistan's obligations and commitments in the WTO agreements; (2) developing trade capacity building and resolving compliance issues; and (3) strengthening the industrial property rights regime in Pakistan.
They included an agreement for technical co-operation to support quality and competitiveness in technical education and training, letters of exemption of Mexican visas for holders of Belize diplomatic passports to include official passports, another is a memorandum of understanding between the foreign ministries of both countries regarding cooperation to support national communities abroad, and the third is a cooperation agreement between Mexican Institute of Industrial Property Rights and the Belize Intellectual Property Office.
The Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO)'s 1st Coordination Committee Meeting on Industrial Property Rights will be hosted by Turkish Patent Institute (PTI) on September 29, 2010.
Dubai Customs takes a special interest in IPR where a dedicated department, the first of its kind in the Middle East, was established in 2005 pacing with the country's policy, commitment to international agreements and conventions, interest in protecting intellectual and industrial property rights and keeping consumers away from all forms of fraud and exploitation that aim at making quick earnings regardless to human's health and security.
The Council, notably, welcomed the European Commission's communication of July 2008 for an industrial property rights strategy for Europe also with respect to initiatives to combat counterfeiting and piracy at the borders and outside the EU and work on the multilateral ACTA agreement.
The resolution follows a communication by the European Commission, adopted on 16 July (COM(2008) 465), in which it exposes its "strategy in the field of industrial property rights (IPR) for Europe" and covers the entire spectrum of industrial property rights (patents, brands and other industrial property rights such as rights associated with geographical indications and new plant varieties).
Geza Szathmary is a licensed expert in the law of international commerce and of industrial property rights. In the 1950s and 1960s, he was a lawyer with the National Bank of Hungary, working in international banking law and foreign trade.
Information technology company IBM (NYSE:IBM) announced on Monday (11 September) that the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA), the central government agency in charge of industrial property rights in Germany, has engaged IBM in a four-year agreement to implement an electronic file system.
The survey will cover four types of industrial property rights -- patents, utility model rights, copyrights on designs and trademarks -- and monitor moves of related current accounts, how companies make use of the rights and other trends, they said.
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