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opposition to the flow of electric current resulting from inductance and capacitance (rather than resistance)

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here [U.sub.0], [I.sub.0], [U.sub.[infinity]] is the initial voltage and current and the steady state voltage of the disconnected generator; [U'.sub.0], [U".sub.0] is the initial values of transient and sub transient voltages; [T.sub.'d0], [T".sub.d0] is the direct axis open circuit transient and sub transient time constants; [x.sub.d], [x'.sub.d], [x".sub.d] is the direct axis synchronous, transient and subtransient inductive reactance's.
This can be described by a variation in the electrical impedance of the coil, that is, its ohmic resistance and inductive reactance.
The inductive reactance of Coax is calculated via the equation below [3]:
Table 1: System Parameters Line to line voltage 230 kV Frequency 60 Hz Transmission rating 100 MVA Capacitance of DC link Capacitor 2000[micro]F DC link voltage 38kV Length of the transmission line 500 km Resistance of the line 32 [micro][OMEGA]/m Inductive reactance of the line 388.3 [micro][OMEGA]/m Capacitive reactance of the line 241.1 M[??]-m Table 2: simulation schedule 0.0 to 0.1 sec UPFC blocked 0.1 to 0.5 sec Two transmission lines in the network 0.5 to 1.5 secs Breaker is opened at 1.5 secs Breaker is reclosed at 2.0 secs L-G fault applied to the line at 2.03 secs L-G fault is cleared
velocity does not give a straight line, however, due to the fact that the armature of the generator possesses capacitive and inductive reactance. Given the importance of electromagnetic induction in physics and technology this is a highly appropriate experiment for the introductory physics course.
The formula [X.sub.L] = 2[pi]fL provides the expression for inductive reactance, but here f is the knee frequency which is defined as 0.5/Tr, Tr = rise time.
Because such a structure will be inherently inductive there will be some inductive reactance opposing current flow, but it can be easily eliminated by adding some series capacitance to form a series-resonant circuit.
which means that the load network is slightly mistuned with respect to the fundamental frequency and the values of the load network parameters should be chosen to create an inductive reactance at the fundamental frequency and capacitive reactances at the harmonic components.
Each coil has 11 turns of 0.41 mm diameter wire, and the magnitude of the impedance was measured to be 60 [omega] Since the impedance is dominated by the inductive reactance, these data yield 0.22 mH for the inductance, close to the calculated value of 0.23 mH [72].
As frequency increases, inductive reactance of straight wire increases.
Hoff made the point that the inductive reactance is affected only by the size and configuration of the channel.
Table 1 Parameters of 4A90L4U3 induction motor Parameter Value Rated power, kW 2.2 Rated voltage, V 220 Stator rated current, A 5 Efficiency 0.8 Rated slid 0.051 Stator resistive impedance, Ohm 4.15 Stator inductive reactance, Ohm 3.218 Rotor reduced resistive impedance, Ohm 2.629 Rotor reduced inductive reactance, Ohm 5.697 Magnetization circuit inductive reactance, Ohm 92.03 Table 2 Thermal condition parameters of 4 A90L4U3 induction motor Thermal conductivities, W/[degrees]C [[LAMBDA].sub.13] 10.5707 [[LAMBDA].sub.23] 2.7648 [[LAMBDA].sub.3] 13.9969 Thermal capacities, J/[degrees]C stator winding [C.sub.1] 726.1 rotor [C.sub.2] 3260 stator steel [C.sub.3] 9623 Stator rated temperature 403 [[theta].sub.1r], K