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the heating of a conducting material caused by an electric current induced in it

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However, with a sufficiently powerful induction heater, Whittaker can achieve a constant preheat of 75AC to 100AC with seawater at 5AC (typical North Sea temperature).
In the improved lined induction heater, the treatment of the horizontal surfaces of the metallic components was carried out by the formation of the vertical macroflows of liquid metal, directed downwards to the treated component along the vertical axis of symmetry of the induction coil.
Induction heaters raise temperatures by rotating a metal billet in the magnetic field induced by the superconductor.
One reason that induction heater efficiency is so low is hysteresis, the tendency of the magnetic cores to resist the rapid cycling of the magnetic fields.
Using simple auto-tune PID temperature controls, the induction heaters were so responsive that the controller was able to perfectly synchronize the temperature-control interval with the 30-sec machine cycle.
Its main products are induction melting, holding and pouring furnaces as well as induction heaters. ABP's business is built upon a large and global customer base with more than 1,600 active units worldwide.
The Inductor Lite is a compact, 2400W addition to the Inductor Series of induction heaters with a digital interface for manual heat control.
Fixed or mobile induction heaters are faster, cleaner and more suitable for batch heating.