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"By understanding the biology of cold adaptation in hibernation, we may be able to improve and broaden the applications of induced hypothermia in the future, and perhaps prolong the viability of organs prior to transplantation," Li posits.
Induced hypothermia and fever control for prevention and treatment of neurological injuries.
Moreover, current guidelines no longer recommend pre-hospital induced hypothermia with IV cold fluid administration because of possible harmful effects such as pulmonary oedema due to the large volume of fluid infusion (4,5).
Primary percutaneous coronary intervention and mild induced hypothermia in comatose survivors of ventricular fibrillation with ST-elevation acute myocardial infarction.
As there are no current treatment options beyond induced hypothermia for the affected new-borns, there exists a dramatic need to develop new and effective therapies aimed at preventing acute brain damage and enhancing long-term brain repair.
The recent development of induced hypothermia having been reported to reduce the risk of mortality and disability in infants with asphyxia prompted this study to assess the burden of asphyxia (incidence of asphyxia) and the numbers of infants who might require cooling (incidence of moderate to severe HIE) in a setting where there is a high patient load but limited resources.
The induced hypothermia leads to a progressive reduction in tissue metabolism (DEAL et al., 2002), reduction in enzymatic reactions (ESTON; PETERS, 1999), decrease in oxygen demand (JANATA; HOLZER, 2009), vasoconstriction with reduction in blood flow in the injured area (LEE et al., 2005) and posttraumatic microvascular dysfunction (SCHASER et al., 2007), which decrease the size of the hematoma and edema (DEAL et al., 2002).
He added: "In the last stunt that I did for my new show, I froze myself in a tonne of ice and induced hypothermia so I've been very sick since that.
However, throughout the whole study period, temperatures were in the range of therapeutic induced hypothermia. Thereby, observed effects could not be due to hypothermia.
He was resuscitated for 40 minutes and then transferred from Ormskirk to Arrowe Park where doctors induced hypothermia to reduce further damage to brain cells.
Induced hypothermia was not used in any of the patients since it was not part of standard treatment.
The patient was transported to intensive care unit with pneumonia and encephalitis related sepsis that induced hypothermia. After warming up, combined antibiotherapy (meropenem 500 mg flk 2x1 I.V., vancomycin 500 mg flk 2x1 I.V, acyclovir 400 mg tb 2x1, oseltamivir fosfat 75 mg tb 2 x 1) and ventilation support the hypothermic humps "Osborn waves" disappeared (Fig.
Induced hypothermia as salvage treatment for refractory cardiac failure following paediatric cardiac surgery.
Induced hypothermia for patients with cardiac arrest.
Its features include normothermia management, controls induced hypothermia and provides precise re-warming, real time dynamic feedback loop from patient to machine, proprietary temperature management algorithms and it supports of wide range of perioperative procedures, both in the paediatric and adult settings.