individual retirement account

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a retirement plan that allows you to contribute a limited yearly sum toward your retirement

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Beginning in 1988, the British government gave workers a third option for their second-tier payroll taxes: tax-deferred individual retirement accounts.
But they also vary for less apparent reasons, such as whether a 401(k) plan provider expects to get additional business if workers roll 401(k) balances into Individual Retirement Accounts.
402(c)(1) allows an individual to receive an eligible rollover distribution from a qualified retirement trust without being subject to current income taxation or premature distribution penalties, if he transfers such distribution to another eligible retirement plan, such as an individual retirement account (IRA), within the 60-day period beginning on the distribution receipt date.
Over the past 30 years, the company's services have expanded beyond its roots in the traditional Individual Retirement Account market to nearly all tax-advantaged savings accounts.
For Evans, this systematic monthly investing plan is facilitated through an individual retirement account (IRA) for self-employed persons known as a SEP-IRA.
a Delaware Republican - the Roth IRA is a new type of individual retirement account available to taxpayers starting next year.
For instance, the expanded flexibility for IRA tax deductions is beneficial, but lower-income families often don't have money to spare to fund an Individual Retirement Account, he said.
People concerned about having enough income to last throughout retirement should consider contributing to an individual retirement account (IRA).
Place additional funds in an Individual Retirement Account.
If an investor really believes that Magellan is a must-have investment, he or she can open an Individual Retirement Account for as little as $500, or a regular account for a minimum of $2,500.
ShareBuilder Securities Corporation is encouraging anyone who has yet to fund an Individual Retirement Account (IRA or ROTH IRA) for the 2005 tax season to do so with seven free Automatic Investment trades when you open an IRA by April 17(a).
A SIMPLE plan may be set up either as an individual retirement account (IRA) for each employee or as part of a qualified cash or deferred arrangement (under Internal Revenue Code section 401(k)).
Many choose to roll over the distribution to another qualified retirement plan or to an individual retirement account (IRA).
The law allows employers with 100 or fewer employees to establish a savings incentive matching plan for employees (SIMPLE) that can be in the form of an individual retirement account for each employee or part of a 401 (k) plan.
By the time you're 40, you should already be making regular contributions to an individual retirement account.
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