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1st President of the United States

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Why was Washington called 'the indispensable man?' He was called so, simply because he was just that!
That's the line that says: "Do just the best you can, be proud of yourself, but, remember, there is no indispensable man."
Earlier this week, Rai, in a subtle expression of support for the re-appointment of Baroud in the next government, said the caretaker interior minister was a "patriotic and indispensable man."
The story they tell helps us to understand why George Washington was "the indispensable man" of the American Revolution.
After 34 years as an Israeli, only this year--the 150th anniversary of Herzl's birth--am I moved to take the measure of the indispensable man, the galvanizing force of political Zionism whose efforts so altered the course of my life.
Eisenhower said her grandfather did not believe in the "indispensable man" theory of leadership.
Though incorporating scholarship of the twentieth century to create more nuance than did the earlier warrior/ leader portraits, it stays firmly in the school that defines Washington, in Thomas Flexner's term, as the "indispensable man." By no means does indispensability mean that all works in this school are little more than hagiography.
BILLY JANNIRO is aiming to make himself Coventry's indispensable man - whatever the team-building criteria for 2008.
BOSTON - He's their indispensable man behind the plate, but the Red Sox and their fans have to be concerned about Jason Varitek's continuing spiral offensively.
Especially for those familiar with Washington's basic biography, these thoughtful and fair-minded essays will inspire further reflection on the character and career of the indispensable man of the American founding.
He was the prototypical "father of his country," and he is certainly worthy of the moniker "the indispensable man." Yet his character could never have permitted him to see himself as "the indispensable man"--or as superior to his fellow citizens.
He has successfully convinced the US - and other countries - that he is Pakistan's indispensable man. Claiming that only he can save Pakistan's fragile democracy, Musharraf has essentially been given a pass on Pakistan's nuclear proliferation, the exile and jailing of opposition political leaders and serious human rights abuses by the Pakistani armed forces.
(Only recently have we learned that the enemy was tipped off to this military maneuver, but Ignored the information.) The difficulty in portraying Washington, the "indispensable man of the American Revolution," can be seen by his multisided personality.