Indigirka River

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a river in far eastern Siberia that flows generally northward to the Arctic Ocean


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This female used an inland site on the Indigirka River Delta approximately 290 km from the site used in the previous summer at the Indigirka-Yana lowlands.
Birds of the Indigirka River Delta, Russia: Historical and biogeographic comparisons.
These were Chukotka, Anadyrsky River basin (1976 through 1990); the Magadansky Oblast, North Evensky region, Omolon River basin and upper Kulu River basin; South Yakutia, upper Indigirka River basin; and northern Khabarovsky Krai, in the Okhota, Ulbeja, and Inia River basins.
We documented the breeding status and relative abundance of all avian species on the coastal portion of the Indigirka River Delta during spring and summer 1993-95.
The Siberian breeding sites discovered by Buturlin (1906) consisted of several colonies (2-15 birds) along the north-flowing Kolyma, Alazeya, and Indigirka Rivers, between the Cherskogo mountains in the west and the Kolymskiy mountains in the east.