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a river in far eastern Siberia that flows generally northward to the Arctic Ocean

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Density was higher (1.6) in the extended central part of the depression between the Indigirka and Selenyakh Rivers.
Birds of the Indigirka River Delta, Russia: Historical and biogeographic comparisons.
These were Chukotka, Anadyrsky River basin (1976 through 1990); the Magadansky Oblast, North Evensky region, Omolon River basin and upper Kulu River basin; South Yakutia, upper Indigirka River basin; and northern Khabarovsky Krai, in the Okhota, Ulbeja, and Inia River basins.
Despite this broad distribution pattern, the only area where they are common is the north of Yakuty, near the courses of the Yana, the Lena, the Indigirka, and the Kolyma.
8 Indigirka Vrblvska/Vshcheko 20-1 Not much since return 4 Silver Skyler SSpanabel/Spanabel 50-1 Entered in wrong race?
The Kolyma-Indigirka lowlands appeared to be the final marine staging area for birds before they traveled along inland routes (up to 70 km from the coast) and coastal routes across the lowlands, moving to more westerly summer areas that ranged from the Indigirka Delta to the Taymyr Peninsula (Fig.
Traditionally, the best dogsled teams come from Kolyma and Indigirka and the best type of harness is the one used in northeast Siberia.
4 Crackling Bread Valdivia Jr/CDavis 3-1 Go to whoa threat 5 Fonda Romana HHrnandez/Crreas IV 7-2 Blinks off; can do 3 Antalya Roman/Yanakov 9-2 Fits like a glove 2 Cholla Perez/Hinsley 8-1 Plenty of chances 9 Kleeve Edge Murrill/Correas IV 5-1 Even runs so far 1 Rosie Bear Marquez Jr/HRdrgz 30-1 Some green in blood 11 La Flor Vnden Berg/Mrdenti 15-1 Capable of better 10 Indigirka Vrblvska/Vshchenko 8-1 Tough to gauge 13 Pinotage Felix/Gorder 12-1 Must respect team 6 Paulette Doyle/Mitchell 20-1 Gets a fresh start 8 Shez a Queenie JLopez/Coontz 20-1 Blinks on; improves?
Other colonies were subsequently discovered in the deltas of the Alazeya, Yana, Indigirka, and Lena Rivers (Dementiev and Gladkov, 1969; Degtyarev et al., 1987).
Carex ensifolia is distributed from the Kola Peninsula to the river Indigirka, and C.
(2004), who measured increasing sediment C/N ratios close to terrestrial inputs of the Ob, Yenisey, Khatanga, Lena, and Indigirka estuaries along the Siberian Arctic coastline.