Indian reservation

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a reservation set aside for the use of Indians

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Several statutes authorize the federal government to prosecute federal crimes involving Indians in some circumstances and the state is authorized to act on other Indian reservations but not the Red Lake reservation.
an Indian reservation were often unarticulated, and therefore "the
Also included in this act under section 3 was the following: "The Secretary of Agriculture is authorized to cooperate with the State highway departments, and with the Department of the Interior in the construction of public highways within Indian reservations, and to pay the amount assumed therefore from the funds allotted or apportioned under this Act to the State wherein the reservation is located."
According to officials, the solar plant that was approved and will receive funding is the second utility-scale solar project approved for development on the Moapa River Indian Reservation. It will be located about 20 miles northeast of Las Vegas.
So Anderson, in a partnership created by OSU public health scientist Anna Harding, will work with the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation in Oregon to address tribal concerns about environmental chemicals.
What was omitted from the article was the fact that all of us who file NYS income tax returns are asked the question, "Did you purchase anything that you did not pay the sales tax on?" This means not only catalog sales but also on the Indian reservation.
Immune from state and federal rate caps, the Chippewa Cree tribe of Montana's Rocky Boy Indian Reservation is offering short-term loans through a company called Plain Green Loans, which promises fast cash online.
Your contributions to help fund a skatepark on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is dope, and I hope it has a big effect on the kids in a place where drinking and fighting take precedence.
The lawsuit filed in US District Court of Nebraska also targets four beer stores in Whiteclay, a Nebraska town near the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation's border that, despite having only about a dozen residents, sold almost 5 million cans of beer in 2010.
(AP) -- A former Blackfeet Indian Reservation resident with a doctorate in clinical psychology is the new president of Blackfeet Community College in Browning.
"Emus Loose in Egnar" takes the reader on a grassroots tour of rural American newspapers, from an Indian reservation in Montana.
Legend has it that commercial gaming on Indian reservations in the United States began as a response to a fire that destroyed two trailers on the Oneida Indian reservation in Verona, New York, in 1975.
Wildlife on the Wind: A Field Biologist's Journey and an Indian Reservation's Renewal tells of two traditionally warring Indian tribes forced to share a reservation.
On Tuesday, around 1,953 people, including 18 hotshot crews and 24 hand crews, continued working to contain the fire which has reached to the location of Apache, Navajo, Graham, and Greenlee counties, Fort Apache Indian Reservation, San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation, Arizona; Catron County and New Mexico.
Wildlife on the wind; a field biologist's journey and an Indian reservation's renewal.
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