Indian hemp

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valuable fiber plant of East Indies now widespread in cultivation

Canadian dogbane yielding a tough fiber used as cordage by Native Americans

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If you want to know how to improve your complexion (lupins, apparently) or why we should legalise Indian hemp (because, ahem, it's a useful treatment for Alzheimer's), well, it's all here.
One species, Indian hemp, experienced high rates of leaf loss to insects.
Arrow grass, Black Locust, Blue Cohosh, Broomcarn, Buckeye (Horse chestnut), Cherry, Choke Cherry, Corn, Cockle, Dogbane, Elderberry, Hemp, Horse Nettle, Indian Hemp, Ivy, Johnson grass, Kafir, Laurel, Leucothoe, Lily of the Valley, Maleberry, Marijuana, Milkweeds, Milo, Nightshade, Oleander, Rhododendron, Sevenbark, Silver, Sneezewood, Sorghum, Stagger brush, Sudan grass, Velvet grass, White snakeroot, Wild Black Cherry, Wild Hydrangea.
They linked one gentle hand-stroke a week to about a 60 percent jump in insect damage to the leaves of Apocynum cannabinum, or Indian hemp.
With Malawi's chief export, tobacco, facing an uncertain future with a growing anti-smoking lobby, he argued that Indian hemp (marijuana) had important uses that could earn the country foreign exchange.
The daughter of Indian Hemp, who ran in the 1952 Derby, will be accompanying new owner George Rowles to Natal.
George Washington even said, in a letter to his farm manager, "make the most you can of the Indian hemp seed.
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