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a representative of the federal government to American Indian tribes (especially on Indian reservations)

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maintain sanctity of tendering system one Indian agent cannot represent two different
Juliette lived there with her husband, John, who worked as an Indian agent at Fort Winnebago, one of Wisconsin's earliest settlements.
There is an acknowledgement of the fact that the foreign vendors find it extremely difficult to operate without having an Indian agent.
The service tax would be levied only on the fee/commission received by the Indian agent as the overseas agent is not based in Indian tax territory.
However, the Saudi agent had agreed to pay the salary dues of the workers and repatriate them on the condition that the Indian agent provided them with the return tickets to their home country.
The RBI said, 'Foreign inward remittances received by the bank acting as Indian agent under the money transfer service scheme, may be electronically credited to the account of the beneficiary, held with a bank other than the Indian agent bank (termed as 'recipient bank')'.
As Indian Agent I had been among these Indians for many years, so had other members of the office staff.
6) A central challenge for the SAI, then, was to forge a new concept of citizenship out of existing categories that could only partially accommodate what it might mean to be an Indian agent.
Gijin, Tibin, Rahul and Santhosh are the four stranded Indian expatriates, who were brought to Oman on Express Visas in December last year by Renjan George, the Indian agent who committed suicide on Monday, and Ancy, Renjan's female friend.
This biography centers on Wynkoop's attempts to end the 1864 Indian War and his later work as an Indian agent, when he tried to convince the Indian Bureau to allow the tribes to have guns for hunting and to increase their allotments of food and clothing.
Indian Agent to the Sioux and an insistence, also like that of Taliaferro, that justice be meted out fairly across racial lines and be sensitive to the lives of those facing authority.
The reports have quoted Coagent Indian agent, Auto Trendz business Head Vinay Daga was quoted as saying "We are already in the process of tying up with companies like General Motors and Hyundai for approving our Reddrive Smart series products and developing products according to car manufacturers.
Through its Indian agent, Weldon Celloplast, Rotocontrol has sold a slitter rewinder inspection machine to Zircon, a label converter in Noida, near New Delhi.
I found it was still hard to be closed so I returned and asked an Indian agent, but to my surprise, he was so rude and arrogant.
To us, this is nothing more than Indian Agent mentality.
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