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peafowl of India and Ceylon

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66 (Passer domesticus) 31 Indian Grey-Hornbill R (Ocyceros birostris) 32 Indian Peafowl R 3 (Pavo cristatus) 33 Indian Pond-Heron R 3 11 (Ardeola grayii) 34 Indian Robin R 1.
For the plasma biochemical analyses, blood samples were collected between 0700 and 0800 hours from 69 Indian peafowl, including 41 males and 28 females.
The mean measurements and the morphologic characteristics of the RBCs, WBCs, and thrombocytes in the Indian peafowl were very similar to the those observed in houbara bustards, (6) kori bustards, (7) and stone curlews, (8) with the exception of the thrombocytes.
The mean PCV value obtained in the Indian peafowl (38.
The Indian peafowl showed a slightly higher mean lymphocyte count (4.
The mean fibrinogen value obtained in the Indian peafowl (2.
7 IU/L) obtained in the Indian peafowl were within the range of values published for red-legged partridges.
2 mg/dL) obtained in the Indian peafowl was within range of values reported for ring-necked pheasants (males, 5.
2 mg/dL) in Indian peafowl was slightly higher than values reported for Kashmir native fowl (males, 10.
The mean bile acid value in the Indian peafowl (51.
The mean amylase value (1810 [+ or -] 300 IU/L) obtained in the Indian peafowl could not be compared with taxonomically related species, because this information was not available.
Some of the differences in plasma biochemical values between the Indian peafowl and the other species discussed above may have resulted primarily from differences in analytic methodology.
To our knowledge, the hematologic and plasma biochemical results presented here are the first reported for the Indian peafowl.