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Synonyms for parole

a promise

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a secret word or phrase known only to a restricted group

(law) a conditional release from imprisonment that entitles the person to serve the remainder of the sentence outside the prison as long as the terms of release are complied with

release a criminal from detention and place him on parole

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Again, it is those inmates with indeterminate sentences who suffer the most.
Pearson, of Queen Street, Lazenby, was sentenced to another 56 days to be served concurrently with his indeterminate sentence. It is believed he was later moved to Kirkham Prison from where he then absconded last month.
Repeat offenders James, 27, of Wakefield, West Yorks, Wells, of Bolton, 29, and Lee, 47, of Wigan, received indeterminate sentences in 2005.
Farden was given an indeterminate sentence for public protection (IPP), and told he must serve at least two years, after being convicted of causing grievous bodily harm in 2007, it is understood.
Like Owen, she was handed an indeterminate sentence with a minimum of five years, which means the parole board has the power to decide when she, too, is set free.
Dunlop, 52, was also given an indeterminate sentence for the plot to rob security vans in Hertfordshire between 2007 and 2008.
Darren Foster was given an indeterminate sentence for the public protection at Cardiff Crown Court for subjecting two women to "horrific" ordeals.
Darren Douglas | Dunn was serving an indeterminate sentence following a conviction for GBH with intent in Burnley.
Peloe was serving an indeterminate sentence at Thorn Cross having been jailed in 2005 for possession of firearms with intent to commit harm after a bungled armed robbery at a south Liverpool travel agents.
Andrew Farndon, 27, formerly of Foleshill, arranged to escape while he was serving an indeterminate sentence for a horrific hammer attack in Coventry city centre.
An inmate on an indeterminate sentence can only be released if they pass a rehabilitation programme.
The Justice Secretary denounced the indeterminate sentence, introduced by the previous Labour administration, as "a gross injustice, a stain on our system".
The judge said he had no doubt that Catterson was a very serious danger to children and he should get an indeterminate sentence, but he said Parliament had 'raised the bar' for such sentences.
Vanessa George, 39, who worked at Little Ted's Nursery, in Plymouth, Devon, "plumbed new depths of depravity", Mr Justice John Royce told her as she was given an indeterminate sentence yesterday.
Connelly was given an indeterminate sentence and must serve a minimum of five years.