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Handler, A German Indentured Servant in Barbados in 1652: The Account of Heinrich von Uchteritz.
Some songs speak about the ruthless treatment migrants suffered as indentured servants, while others disclose the deception of arkdtis (1) and identify hunger as being the chief motivation for leaving India.
Black history, Nova Scotia, indentured servants and racism are the more obvious elements to connect.
Like the indentured servant, there's no way out; the banks own them until the debt is paid in full.
com study of thousands of records from colonial Virginia, President Barack Obama is the 11th great-grandson of John Punch, a black man who came to America in the 1600s as an indentured servant and was enslaved for life in 1640 after trying to escape his servitude.
Interactive exhibits introduce you to the spirited Mary Young Pickersgill who crafted the 30-by-42-foot flag with help from her daughter, two nieces, and an indentured servant.
Jack's transformation from indentured servant to slave master is a psychological one that allows him to master himself as well as the slaves under his power and to prosper.
Firms offer a "forgivable loan" to the advisor (indentured servant) through a contractual agreement where the indentured servant advisor voluntarily surrenders his or her independence for a fixed period of time.
He arrived in America as an indentured servant but by 1659 he had bought property in Maryland and became a planter and merchant and was considered a "country gentleman.
743, 752-53 (summarizing estimates of the size of the indentured servant population); Alfred Brophy, Law and Indentured Servitude in Mid-Eighteenth Century Pennsylvania, 28 WILLAMETTE L.
He traces Corstair's arrival to Jamestown as an indentured servant his struggle for freedom and a farm of his own his friendships with Native Americans.
Also his description of Morgan as an indentured servant is false.
To quote the review of the hardcover in KLIATT, September 2006: Nathaniel, age 13, has had a difficult life as an indentured servant in colonial Virginia, but his luck changes when he is taken under the wing of a kindly old schoolmaster named Basil and apprenticed to a carriage maker in Williamsburg.
Following a former indentured servant as he's pressed into militia service, barely escapes an Indian massacre, and later, sets under Captain Phips to salvage sunken gold--only to have the trip take a vicious plunge into mutiny, piracy, and testimony for a ruthless trial ablaze with hanging fever.
An 18th-century white, teenaged indentured servant girl awakens colonial Manhattan's dormant race-based fears when she reports an uprising being organized by the island's African laborers.