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bound by contract

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The distinction became a gulf by the mid-1700s, as indentured servants traditionally had some rights and were generally only bound for a limited time (and this system was abolished after the War for Independence from Britain).
24 and 25 front-page articles concerning student loans, I couldn't help noting the parallels between student loans and the indentured servants of pre-Civil War America.
2 xxxx Xxx xxx X xxx x xxxxxx Scottish maid Ava noticed that I was an indentured servant of a feudal lord
the novel--primarily Sethe--revealing Amy as an indentured servant, a
As detailed in Africans in America, the contract of an indentured servant was generally indentured for a time of 4 to 7 years of labor for passage to the New World and acreage with some provisions upon completion of the contract.
Based on evidence obtained from Mary Burton, a sixteen-year-old indentured servant, the court charged that the white itinerant teacher John Ury was a Catholic priest and a Spanish spy--a capital offence.
Allen jumped into his assigned role as an indentured servant becoming one of the first 17 re-creators to arrive at the three-home colony.
Only a masochist would actually want to make herself the indentured servant of government in exchange for $6,000.
On page 22, Randall writes that Washington was taught by "a tutor, a convict indentured servant Gus brought to teach his children.
One way to supply this labor was with the indentured servant, who contracted labor for a specific period of time in return for transportation to the colonies and the future prospect of landed independence.
Edward Fox was eager to hire out the services of an indentured servant -- described as "a tolerable cook" -- who had nine years left on her contract.
Although her family had employed maids in Germany and Japan, at the end of World War II gorgeous, blonde 20-year-old Helga became an indentured servant.
Prentis's grandfather emigrated from London as an indentured servant and became a major shareholder in a store in colonial Virginia.
Frado, a child abandoned by her white mother, is the protagonist and her story loosely mirrors Wilson's own experiences as the indentured servant of a mean-spirited and violent woman.