incubation period

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the period between infection and the appearance of symptoms of the disease

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aureus showed average results for absorbance of Cd(II) at pH 4, but the absorbance capacity increased with increase in incubatory period.
luteus showed gradual decrease in absorbance capacity for Cr(IV) metal concentrations with increase in incubatory period i.
Particularly, gametogenesis inhibition occurred in the gametogenic follicles during the gills incubatory period whereas active gametogenesis occurred during the nonincubatory period.
The non-marsupial demibranchs are not separated, but in the marsupial demibranchs, cyclic changes in the structures of the inner-demibranchs of the gills appear, with the depletion of ripe eggs during incubatory periods and the production of mature and ripe eggs during nonincubatory periods.
The nineteenth century was not simply a transitional or incubatory period during which colonial writers produced a belated, secondary body of work in imitation of the superior metropolitan culture of the homeland, a culture that many hoped to replicate or perhaps even improve in the outposts of Empire.