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Doctor Shah said that Nawaz Sharif was dictator Zia's blue eyed boy so he appointed former dictator Pervez Musharraf's near and dear one as the chairperson of Benazir Income Support Program.
Mazharul Haq received an SMS telling him, "Benazir Income Support ki taraf se ghr ghr survey k theht apka Rs30,000 manzoor howa ha apka yea no.
The RRS sponsorship groups provide income support as well as orientation, accommodation, basic household needs, food, clothing and emotional supports for the duration of the sponsorship period.
The New South Wales RSL state president, Don Rowe, said he was "absolutely disgusted" by the government's decision to cut income support to veterans' children.
The 54-year-old admitted failing to declare his capital to obtain income support, housing benefit, and council tax relief.
DWP officials even threatened her with a criminal investigation for fraudulently claiming income support after receiving the payment.
Islamabad, July 30 -- The United States announced Thursday that it has transferred $75 million to Pakistan for the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) to help meet the immediate needs of 600,000 impoverished families across Pakistan.
The pilot, which begins in October, will allow lone parents who receive Income Support and work less than 16 hours to earn pounds 50 a week before losing any of their benefits, pounds 30 more than the current situation.
Argentina; income support policies toward the bicentennial.
So what kind of safety net does the Australian income support system provide?
Street legitimately claimed income support from 1994, but failed to notify authorities when her partner moved into her home in July 2004.
To qualify you must be over 60 and getting one or more of these benefits: income support, housing benefit, pension credit or council tax benefit.
I am afraid of losing Income Support if I tell the Benefit Office that we have both been awarded Disability Living Allowance.
Contemporary labour markets and the gendered relations of informal care giving in Australia set the context for this paper which explores changes in income support poficies that enable or constrain the 'choices' which care-providers seek to make.
Linda Bastow, 60, of Ganton Way, Fixby, pleaded guilty to making false representations for income support.