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By limiting our analysis to reported omnibus income amounts of the family of the household reference person who is in their first or fifth month of interviewing we ensure that the responses given to the questions are given as part of the same monthly interview.
The IRS alternatively argued that, if gross income amounts from the partnership returns are allowed in determining the partner's gross income, only the first-tier partnerships should be used and the partnership's gross income should not include Form 4797 property sales.
The net income amounts previously disclosed for the first three quarters of 2000 and for the year were overstated by 13.
751(a) to recognize as ordinary income amounts received in a sale or exchange of a partnership interest attributable to unrealized assets or substantially appreciated inventory.
The tax benefit rule allows taxpayers to exclude from income amounts recovered from a previously deducted loss to the extent that the previous deduction generated no tax benefit.
The revenue and net income amounts set forth above include 30 days of combined operations of DAOU and INTEGREX.
Offsetting these income amounts was an increase in state and federal taxes of $175,000.