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a simple machine for elevating objects

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Key Words: embouchure, wind instrumentalist, reed, inclined planes.
In early times, man came to understand how simple machines, like inclined planes, levers, wedges and such helped make work easier.
He sought to dilute, as it were, the influence of gravity by rolling balls down inclined planes, and seeing how their rate changed as the incline steepened.
Two Kipp & Zonen[R] pyranometers, model CM3, were placed next to the photovoltaic system--one at the same inclination angle as the panel, and the other in the horizontal plane--to measure irradiance in the horizontal and inclined planes.
Designed to fit into a 50mm Hayman Reese motor vehicle tow hitch, the system provides an effective fall arrest and retrieval system to work over leading edges such as mine stopes, dam walls or other locations with inclined planes.
It was a true pioneer and a really ambitious project with inclined planes, winding engines and tunnels over the Sidlaw Hills.
This station was where the Amlwch line joined the main Bangor-Holyhead line A view down one of the inclined planes at Penrhyn Quarry, used for carrying slates Bala Junction station in 1960 with a Barmouth service arriving Train about to leave Aberystwyth for Shrewsbury in June 1966 Panoramic view of Harlech station as seen from the castle in 1959
On the way down, a similar zigzag trail of inclined planes helps keep your bicycle from gaining too much momentum (mass times velocity) and losing control.
He explains Galileo's pendulum puzzles and their evolution into experiments in inclined planes and oscillating bodies that led to his discovery of fundamental laws of physics.
Experimentation with inclined planes capitalizes on children's curiosity and interest in how objects move and how they can control the movement.
This is because the structurally clamped system permits any combination of vertical and inclined planes, with the integration of different types of vents, creating a seamless facade with no exterior capping required.
There are two main families of simple machines: inclined planes (ramp, wedge and screw) and levers (lever, wheel and axle, and pulley).
Galileo called himself a philosopher; his experiments on inclined planes had everything to do with measurement.
As special mounting screws are tightened during installation, the bearing unit's inner ring is driven up a series of inclined planes to compress a sleeve around the shaft.
Physics Illustrator, one such program, allows students to sketch scenes involving objects such as springs and inclined planes.