incendiary bomb

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a bomb that is designed to start fires

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On March 5, three packages containing small incendiary devices were delivered to transport hubs in London.
St Luke's was hit by an incendiary device and the building blazed for three days.
Summary: Ankara [Turkey], Mar 22 (ANI): Israel police on Thursday detained a 14-year-old Palestinian child accused of attempting to hurl a flammable incendiary device Molotov cocktail in East Jerusalem.
Texas law enforcement officials said the explosion that occurred inside a Goodwill charity store along a strip mall south of downtown Austin, involved an "incendiary device" described as artillery simulator that went off when a male store employee handled it.
The explosion was due to an incendiary device and not an explosion package, police revealed.
A Facebook page run by the Yangon Police Force posted photos of a man suspected of involvement, as well as the charred remains of the bottle that apparently served as the vessel for the incendiary device, often referred to as a 'Molotov cocktail.' The post urged anyone with knowledge of the incident to report it to police, providing several phone numbers as well as two images of a man dressed in a pink short-sleeved shirt and longyi, described as in his 40s.
The terrorists used incendiary device to burn the targets when it exploded.
The incendiary device had actually been sitting in the loft of the house in St Osburg's Road for decades before it was found a few weeks ago.
Prof Jack Crane told an inquest there was no evidence to support allegations labourer Barney Watt was throwing a petrol bomb or incendiary device when soldiers opened fire.
A police spokeswoman said that an incendiary device was thrown at the newspaper building in the night and documents were burned inside.
Chemicals and powders were collected and examined, and authorities identified them as materials that could produce an incendiary device when mixed.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Two Palestinian workers were injured near Hebron after Israeli soldiers threw an incendiary device at a car they were traveling in, medics said.
The juror told a member of court staff that his bag contained an "incendiary device", it was reported to police.
The police said that they discovered the incendiary device and launched a massive investigation that resulted in the arrest of the two brothers.