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consort of Dumuzi (Tammuz)

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Tammuz died at the hands of Inanna, but she eventually brought him back to life.
For example, Inanna can be read as a creation story.
Online megastars including Lele Pons, Anwar Jibawi, Inanna Sarkis, Hannah Stocking, and many others interacted with their fans and followers.
Marriah Haith, Lindsey Hanf, Gabriel Hansen, Sayge Hansen, Anika Harkins, Jacob Harold, Jayden Harrington, Jessica Harris, Anna Haugen, Jayden Hazelton, Emily Hebard, Kelsie Hellwege, Tj Henderson, Megan Henney, Alton Hernandez, Jenner Higgins, Brandon Horton, Meridien Howe, Aidan Hughes, Eleanor Hughes, Inanna Iris, Kevin Jackson, Christian Jaime, Angela Jang, Tabitha Janisse, Savanah Jensen, Michael Jereza, Ellie Jitto, Taylor Johnson, Anna Johnston, Madeline Johnston,
Special guests at OzCon include John Fricke; Doug Aberle, animator of the 1985 Disney film "Return to Oz" and Inanna McGraw, author of several Oz books.
This is the symbol of Inanna, the patron goddess of Uruk and a powerful deity associated with abundance and sexuality.
Cutting diagonally across the mottled plans is the long extensional fault of Inanna Fossa, which stretches eastward 370 miles (600 kilometers) from here to the western edge of the great nitrogen ice plains of Sputnik Planum.
The Kushan Empire was a place where Hinduism, Buddhism, and Greek mythology, and more all influenced the people's culture and beliefs, and when Jaya needs help the most, she receives it from Shiva (a Hindu deity), Inanna, (a Mesopotamian goddess), and Hercules (a hero of Greek myth).
Although Tolkien, as a Christian, would hardly see Anu and Inanna, as related by Turco, as the gods worshipped by Isildur, on the other hand the very name Isildur, signifying 'servant of the moon' has an inherently 'pagan' aspect to it, and in any event the Mesopotamians 'felt' about Anu and Inanna the way the Numenoreans no doubt 'felt' about Eru Iluvatar.
In Babylonian mythology, Inanna had to pass seven gates to find Tammuz so that he could play the magical flute.
Her novella Midsummer was published last year by Inanna, and her