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an inability to sleep

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Inability to sleep in the ICU was ranked 4th among the stress factors in our study.
'Before going 'live' on Melodi, I faced many problems, among them, a tyre puncture and inability to sleep well,' he was quoted saying by local daily Sinar Harian.
Police said the effects of the drug include nausea, vomiting, hypothermia, inability to sleep and agitation.
When an opioid user stops or decreases opioid use, it can lead to physical symptoms of withdrawal. Opioid withdrawal symptoms may include muscle aches, restlessness, anxiety, runny nose, excessive sweating and inability to sleep.
The physio had instructed me to keep a close eye on my room-mate and Holty complained of an almighty headache and an inability to sleep.
* 65.60 million (86%) reported an inability to sleep well
It is then down to their family and colleagues to point out that symptoms such as low mood, irritability, inability to sleep and drinking too much are not just the price of a high-powered job but an indication of illness.
According to experts, physical symptoms indicating use of the drug include changes in appetite and sleep patterns, difficulty concentrating, inability to sleep, hallucinations, unusual laziness, tremors and shakes.
The irony of caffeine and its effects on us is that it can also act as a soporific at first before its longer term effects (for the first hour it can help induce sleep, but for the several that then follow it acts as the stimulant that it is, and many people experience the inability to sleep through the night over the next eight to twelve hours due to its consumption).
Mental health officials say the demand for treatment is high, with many people reporting substance abuse, relationship troubles, disorganization, depression, overthinking or inability to sleep, all related to the Dec.
He said his most serious symptoms were "muscle aches, fatigue, a decline in mental alertness connected with his inability to sleep at night, and severe depression."
Insomnia is defined both as difficulty falling asleep and the inability to sleep through the night.
Surviving imprisonment in a cage, evading malicious hunters, alongside an inability to sleep indoors and an amazing gift of being able to heal himself, Nathan struggles to survive to his seventeenth birthday and his 'giving ceremony'.